02 November 2015

November Goals

November already? Where have the days gone? I cannot believe how fast October went. I really need to live every moment and enjoy the days.... 
This Month's Wishes

1.  DON'T TOUCH THE CREDIT CARD! I'm going to try this one again this month. Not touch my credit card. If I want to buy anything - it will be in cash. I don't want to live a life paying off my credit card. I just want to be able to buy what I can, without any worries. I think this is fair goal.

2. Research. Applications for grad school, and second entry programs will soon open up. I need to sit down, get my life together, and figure out where I am applying, and for what program. Lately, I've been thinking about leaving home this time around, a different city? a different province? maybe even a different country? I'm thinking about expanding.

3. Health and Fitness. This month I am going to continue to watch what I eat! and this month, I want to put more of an emphasis on exercising - whether it would be walking more or hitting the gym. 

4. Be more productive with school work.  For the first 2 months of November, I literally have no tests to study for, or papers that are due. However, with that being said, on the third week of November, I am hit with 2 papers due on the same day, and a test on the next. So, the plan is to be productive and START (and even finish) the 2 papers ahead of time, so I have time for more editing and more studying.  

5. Blog consistently. This month, I would like to blog at least 3 times a week. I think this is the best to consistently keep up with my blog, and school work at the same time. Blogging consistently also involves planning - whether that would be writing a list of what I want to blog about, and on what days, or literally write my posts ahead of time. 

6. BE happy!  This is my birthday month... I am soon turning 21. I am both excited and scared. This month, not only do I want to live in the moment of everyday, but I want this month to be fully of happy memories. So, that means being happy everything, through my positive thoughts. So let the happy month begin!  

What are your goals for November?
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