13 November 2015

I Got A Tattoo!

I've been neglecting my blog lately. It's either I come out of no where and publish posts for 5 days straight, or I post once feel like it is sufficient enough for the rest of the week. Personally, I don't like knowing that I didn't publish something meaningful for the day. My day just doesn't feel complete. But, as you could imagine, life is getting in the way, and I am determined to not let it completely stop me from blogging. I love it way too much.

But, luckily for you, I found this (really) OLD post hidden in my drafts. Not sure why I never uploaded it back in September, but I guess, now it is a great time to just publish it for you guys now!

So yea... this is a really late post. SORRY ABOUT THAT :)
To celebrate the sad ending of my summer, the cousin, sister and I decided to hang out downtown and just walk, talk, eat, shop, and everything in between. And, feeling adventurous, I decided right then and there, I wanted to get a tattoo. Not a big tattoo, or anything, I think that would be too much of a commitment. I just wanted something small, and positive, and cute, and something I know I won't regret later on.

So.... I just got a simple outline of a heart on my left wrist. And, I was actually so surprised at how much it didn't hurt, and how much I did not regret it. It was a great experience, and something I do look forward to in the future, when I of course save more money. Who knew even a small tattoo like mine would cost $80 CAD + tax. I didn't. But, that didn't stop me from getting it! And, it also didn't stop my cousin from getting her belly pierced aha!

And, for your entertainment, I decided to share the bits of videos and pictures I took that day and shared on snapchat. P.S. definitely add me on my personal snapchat - oulalanessaa!

Do you have any tattoos? Big or small? What are your favourites?
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