20 November 2015

I Dyed My Hair RED!

Do you notice anything different? I think the title of the post pretty much gives it away, and I'm pretty sure the picture above is strikingly different.. But, I'll still tell you because this is such an exciting change. 


I turned 21 yesterday, and I wanted a change. Starting out my 21st year of life with a BAM, and with a new attitude. And, because I always get that my hair is one of my defining features of who I am, I knew that wth a change in my hair, I can have a new fresh outlook on life. 

Wanna know how I did it? Don't worry, I was already planning on letting you know what I did to get this look! 

FIRST OFF: You need to have a colour in mind. I chose red, but I didn't want a red that would make me look like a clown, I wanted to go for a dark wine kind of red. And, thanks to Youtube videos, I found the colour I wanted.... MAGENTA RED. From there, I bought everything I needed all from Sally Beauty. 

There are no directions provided in the boxes, as the boxes are meant for highlighting, the reason why I bought 3 boxes in order to colour my entire head of hair. The rest is really simple. You empty out the dye into a bowl, and with a 1:2 ratio, you fill up the bowl is twice the amount developer. You simply mix all the dye until it is not chunky, and then you proceed to apply the colour on your hair.  And left it in my hair for 30 minutes, and proceeded it to wash out the dye with (somewhat) cold water. 

TA-DA! There you have it. It's actually not that hard. But, if you didn't like my brief description, heres a youtube from SAMANTHA who did a great review and tutorial! 
The weird thing about dying your hair is that is is a different colour in different lightenings! One minute my hair looks like it has ombre, another light it looks like I have purple hair, and in another light it looks like blood red. I like it thought, it is always a surprise!
Hopefully this is a great new change of attitude for me! 
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