05 November 2015

Confession: I'm Afraid of the Dentist

This was the LAST time I was at the dentist.. look how happy I looked! 
Confession time. I'm afraid of the dentist. 

And, when I say I'm afraid, I literally mean that I am tearfully afraid to go to the dentist. Want to know the weird part? This is something I recently developed... like months ago developed. I know, crazy right? How could someone go to the dentist for 20 years, and THEN all of a sudden become afraid?

Well, it happened to me. Not, a fun experience. And, lucky for you... I'm going to tell you why and how this happened.

It all started last December when I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed. From my sister, I thought it would be an easy experience, especially knowing they would freeze the crap out of my gums so I wouldn't feel anything. And, from my sister's reencounter of her wisdom teeth removal, it actually didn't too long. So, like in the photo above BEFORE I went in, I was actually excited and happy for the removal of my wisdom teeth. 

Funny thing is, I actually only have 3 wisdom teeth; so, I thought the entire process wouldn't take too long. But, it was a STRUGGLE for the dentist to remove just the ONE from my right bottom mandible. THANKFULLY, I didn't feel no pain from all the cutting and whatever they do. But, I did feel sensitivity in the tooth they were working on.. I really didn't like feeling that at all. 

I did, however, feel the PRESSURE the dentist use when she put her hand atop of my bottom row of teeth, to much my jaw down in order to pull out my tooth. Like what? The dentist was telling me that the root of my tooth had a hook, so it would be harder to remove. OKAY.. I thought, and really didn't say much. I kept feeling the pressure, and I also began to feel the FORCE she used with her little tools to pull out this tooth. I began to start tearing up because I just really didn't understand why she couldn't saw the tooth in half like another dentist did for my sister... 

She saw me crying and gave me another needle to freeze the feelings on my gums. I started to hear her tell the receptionist to call her husband to come in. After 10 minutes (it felt longer lto be honest) of her force and me just crying and making painful noises, her husband comes and understand the hook on my tooth... He actually used a different method of taking the tooth out, and within 30 seconds, the entire thing was done. FINALLY
I looked at the tooth, and no wonder this lady couldn't take it out.. the hook was a BIG hook, and she was pulling in the wrong direction. And, she did explain to me that she wanted to preserve the shape of it and not saw it in half... LIKE WHAT? She wanted to continue to take the other 2 out, and I yelled out no. I just wanted to go home and get out of there as soon as possible. 

I cried like a baby. The entire thing just bothered me... And, ever since, the thought of me going to the dentist frightens me. 

So... today, I am going back to the dentist. The last time I went was in December, and that was a miserable experience. Hopefully, today would be better, especially since I will be put to sleep with anesthesia. Wish me luck... 
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