20 October 2015

Shopping Online: Saving with Kate Spade!

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I'm going to talk about a recent purchase online. And, based on the picture above... you've guessed it! It is a Kate Spade purchase! Even better, it was a purchase from the Surprise Sale that Kate Spade had just last month. (So yea... this is  somewhat of a late post)!

My cousin celebrated her 21st birthday just last month, and my sister and I decided to get her a purse as a gift. We weren't exactly sure which name brand to purchase, but somehow, luckily, on the day I actually decided to open some of the emails I receive from stores, I saw an email notifying me about the Surprise Sale on Kate Spade's website! Too much of our excitement, we hit the website ASAP and decided to buy her a bag right then and there! 

Purchased: Wellesley Durham (black)
     *Currently can't find black on the website, but they have it in red!*

The purchase arrived about a week after placing the order. And, because we ordered two bags (I'll talk about the second one in a separate post), the bags came in a BIG BOX. Like really big... Inside the box, were the bags covered in a plastic covering, and cushioned with a few airbags. Not bad I thought, a great way to ensure the bag does get damaged during delivery!

The bag was honestly stunning! I instantly fell in love with the bag, that I actually hesitated to wrap this gift for my cousin. Like, I wanted to keep this bag for myself! 

One thing that I was disappointed about (and I didn't know if this is a thing they do or not), but there was no Kate Spade dust bag provided. I know when you purchase a bag from the store, they usually provide you with a dust bag, so I was a bit surprised we didn't receive that... 

But, I soon didn't mind that downside when I realized how much I saved...

Original Price: $398.00 (before taxes)

Total Spend: $139.00 (before taxes)

Total SAVINGS: $259.00!

SO, I guess I (well, my cousin) can live without the dustbag since I saved BIG on one bag ;) 

P.S. She iterally teared when we gave her the bag. She was just super happy, and I was happy she liked it! 
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