01 October 2015

October Goals!

Hello, friends! Hello, October! Hello, fall! Hello, new friends! Hello, to everyone! Can't you tell I'm in a good mood? Well, I am! Okay, I think I really need to stop with the exclamation marks... but, any who, what better way to start off the month with some positivity? I mean, positive thinking leads to a positive life right?

This Month's Wishes

1.  DON'T TOUCH THE CREDIT CARD! This is going to be a HUGE challenge. But, if I want to plan big for my 21st birthday next month, I need to save and not spend. I mean, I will touch the card to pay for gas... but, I think I'll stick to my debit instead of the credit card. Wish me luck!

2. Research. Applications for grad school, and second entry programs will soon open up. I need to sit down, get my life together, and figure out not only a plan, what schools I will be applying to. 

3. Fitness. Zumba on Mondays is a definite motivator for me! I mean, how fun is that?! Also, this month because I do have to balance school, work, and blogging (yes, this is important!), I decided to balance out my work outs. Practically speaking, 3 days at the gym and doing walk/run around the neighbourhood. And, because I work like a 6 minute drive from home, I will walk to work at least once a week! 

4. Get ahead in school work.  I think this should be a daily goal, and not just a monthly goal. I need to keep up with my school work, and ideally, just stay ahead if I can. It will make my life that much easier when tests are approaching, and I don't have to end up staying up the night before. 

5. Blog consistently. In the past, I've made goal of blogging daily. I won't lie, this is actually hard, and just stresses me out if I miss a day. This month, I'm going to try a different strategy, blogging at least 3 times a week! Hopefully, this will help improve my blog content while giving me more time to edit and take better photos! 

What are your goals for October?
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