21 October 2015

My Tumblr Mood Board

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For those who didn't know, I actually started my blogging journey via tumblr.  And, ever since I posted my first thoughts/feelings on the internet world, I became addicted! So, addicted, that I think others actually started becoming addicted to what I was reflagging.

Going through my archive, it is crazy looking back at how much of my thoughts and feelings were reflected there, on that part of the internet. What was even more crazy was the fact that I was so open to strangers about feeling sad, or worthless, or heart broken. People would even send me personal messages asking if I was okay.

Then, going as the years went on, I noticed there was a change of what I what I was reblogging and sharing with others... Clearly, I had a change of heart and mindset, and it nicely reflected on my tumblr. 

Lately, I've been neglecting my tumblr. I guess, I just got lost in real life - or my other social media platforms - that I forgot how many people I've helped and helped me through a lot over the past years. But, I created a mood board showing you the kinds of things that are going through my mind - and, it is clearly all about love! Love for others, and love for the self. 

I've definitely grown through the years, learning to love not only myself, but others. And, I am so thrilled I am able to see through growth through the archives of my tumblr - She Writes About You.

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