09 October 2015

My Mother Is Just Too Funny for Words!

Today, I decided to share the last text that made me laugh! And, surprisingly, it was from my mom! So, pleaseee enjoy the following blog post! :) 
Aren't moms hilarious? I mean, there are a lot of mommy bloggers out there, and from reading their posts, I know they have a great sense of humour! I mean, I always find that moms in general have a ways of knowing the future without really knowing it. Does that even make any sense? Probably not. But, I'm sure you've had days where your mom's weird tendencies randomly come in handy, and you just sit there in shocked that you were judging the entire time. I mean, how do moms literally know everything? Like really, how do they know!?!? 

The other day, while I was home alone waiting for my lovely parents to come home from work with food, I noticed that they were taking a little longer than usual to get home. I wasn't worried or anything... I was just hungry, aha. But, I decided to call my parents to ask their whereabouts. Then my dad answered the phone sounding all angry, and he told me my mother would just text me. 

Okay.... that doesn't sound too good.
Apparently, someone scratched the benz. Like literally full on scratched the benz. (I personally don't think its THAT bad...) And, my mother was texting me how angry and upset they were, and how they called the police and they've been waiting for almost an hour. So, they were just upset. The conversation proceeded to her claiming she knew exactly what car van hit the benz.

And this was her explanation... 

  1. My mom carries measuring tape!!
  2. My mom went out of her way to measure scratches on peoples car
  3. My mom thinks she's an investigator
  4. What were the police even doing there? NOTHING clearly.
  5. My mom carries measuring tape!!
I personally thought it was funny! I mean... It may not sound as funny when I write it down. But, if you were there, you would have saw me dying of laughter on the couch! I immediately told everyone in the family.  Too funny how my mom is literally prepared for ANYTHING. I love her so much. 
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