14 October 2015

My Initial Thoughts on "You First"

If you seen my post on instagram, then you would have already known the EXCITEMENT I was feeling when I finally got my hands on You First by Lea Michelle! I absolutely LOVE Lea Michele, and ever since I was exposed to her through Glee, I fell in love with, well her! And ever since, she has just been an idol and an inspiration of my mine. Oh, and how can you not talk about her voice? Her voice is literally to die for!

I haven't gone through the entire book as of yet, I thought I'd give you guys a first initial look into the book, in case there were others who were curious about what Lea's second book was about. 

It wasn't even planned - me purchasing this book. I knew it had been release for a couple of weeks, but I decided to wait a bit when school work dies down to purchase the book. But, I happened to be in the area of my favourite used book store, and actually found the it there, and for a really good price of $10. I was literally jumping and smiling as I pulled the book from the New Releases shelf, and I purchased it in that instance. 
To much of my surprise, You First is a journal - like literally a journal. There are few excerpts of written words, but it is not much. It is basically like an introduction to what you will be writing and exploring through your thoughts about. So, I have to admit... if this journal is about me, I was a bit confused as to why her face was on the cover... 

But, nevertheless, she's beautiful, and the cover is removable anyways; so, I really shouldn't complain, aha! AND, once you actually have a quick overview of what you will be through, it can actually be exciting! 
I haven't started the book as of yet - I'm planning on starting tonight after I finish my marathon of midterms. So, I am very excited to journal my way to a better life! YAY!

What were your initial thoughts? Do you have interest in purchasing the book!?

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