19 October 2015

I'm Going a Diet!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. This is an introductory post about my journey of DIETING. 
I think the human body is important. I also think that taking care of your body is even more important.

I am approaching the age of 21, and I am starting to realize more and more everyday that the body I currently have, is pretty much the body I will have for the rest of my life. For example, my height. I highly doubt I will continue to grow anymore, especially since I've been this height since grade 6 or 7?

So, in my personal opinion, because I am short (5"1 tall to be exact), my body weight makes me look heavier than I really am. And, as much as I don't want to say looks don't matter, I feel like they do because how you feel about yourself, is reflected your self-esteem. And, my body has been a BIG issue since I've started university. I just keep gaining weight, and I often feel unmotivated to do anything about it.

I don't want this feeling to continue throughout my adulthood years.

Last weekend, my parents decided to start this diet; and because I live with them, and eat everything they make, I decided to just join along with them. It is a 30-day diet by YOLI: Better Body System. I thought joining along with my parents would work perfectly since my birthday is just over a month away. Plus, the support in the house for each other us is better than going through a diet alone!

I'm kind of excited, yet worried. I actually started this diet yesterday, and working on Day 2. The diet seems to be alternating focuses between the days - so, one day there is a big focus on protein, and the next day is a big focus carbs (the good kind). When it comes to drinks, water of course is encouraged.  As well as mixtures for healthy drinks they suggest that ranging from protein shakes to antioxidant health drink to even fun sports drinks.

However, my biggest worry is not being able to finish. I mean, I'm putting it down on the internet, this has to encourage me to stick with this diet a little, no? I'm also worried about starving in class.. the growling noise my stomach might just be a little embarrassing in class.

Any tips or suggestions? What was your experience with dieting? 
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