07 October 2015

From the Journal: When Someone Lies to You...

Of course, a few thoughts, names, and situations are altered... This is the online world; I kinda still have to keep parts of my life and thoughts to myself, and the real thoughts in my journal. So, as authentic I wanted this post to be, I realized that my friends know about my blog... I didn't really want to call anyone out. I just wanted to rant. 

By the title of this post, you'd probably be expecting me to talk about a time I got jealous over Jay and some random girl. This is not that kind of post. In fact, surprisingly, it's about a few friends of mine - one in particular. So, let the ranting begin! 

I personally hate liars in general. I don't like it when people would say one thing to my face, but then do a complete 360 behind my back. I just think it is extremely wrong, and it just upsets me so much. I always try my best to be as honest as possible, no matter how much it may hurt. So, the fact that people don't it in return... it's just frustrating.

So, the other day, my friend and I were suppose to hang out. Everything was planned a week in advanced, especially since our school and work schedules were just constantly clashing. The other day seemed to be the only day we were actually free. My goal was to at least see her for like an hour or so, I just wanted to give her birthday present to her since I completely forgot to bring it to her party a week ago. So, I just wanted to meet and give her her gift. 

The morning we were suppose to meet, she actually messaged me telling me that she was tired. She just wanted to let me know that she would go home first from work and take a nap then come over.  I told her I didn't mind, and told her she can come by any time she wanted. But, somehow when I brought up my other friend having a hangover and working a 7 hour shift, she brought up meeting another day. 

I was a bit confused, but went along with it. Then, she proceeded to tell me how if she didn't have an early shift, she was going to study and sleep in before coming over. So, then she just flat out said she wanted to stay home and study; talking about having a lot of things coming up this week. I said okay, and we found another day to meet up.

Fast forward to the evening; I noticed she posted a story on snapchat. And, if you're a fellow snap chatter, you would know that people snap present moments. There's really no other way to upload pictures/videos from your gallery. Anyways, I looked at her snap to see her going out with other friends. They went to the movies and just hung out downtown. 

Talk about being tired and needing to study. 

It just made me upset. First, I don't like being lied to. Like if you don't want to hang out with me, TELL ME. Like, I literally won't cry over it. I will truly respect your honesty than lies. But, whatever right... I guess its easier to hurt my feelings by lying to me and then making me feeling even worse when your parading your lies on social media. Like, thanks. Thank you for showing me how much you respect our friendship, or at least value me as a person.

It's whatever. Perhaps next time, I just won't bother making time for you since I'm not that important, anymore. 

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