16 October 2015

5 Reasons Why I Rather Hang Out With Penelope Over You!

1. She likes to cuddle with me!
Like literally, there is no fussing, or arguing or forcing involved. When I lay down in bed, Penelope comes running from wherever she was hiding or relaxing, to come lay right beside me! She is so cuddly and furry. Who needs a man right? LMAO kidding Jay...

2. She greats me when I get home! 
People find this hard to believe because they don't think rabbits can do this, but Penelope actually, and usually waiting for me at the top of the stair case when I get home! And, after I pet her when I get home, she usually follows me around the house playing with me  - through the form of going around my feet! She's so silly. 

3. She's a great listener!
I can't talk to her for hours/days/years for non-stop, and she will never leave. It's crazy! Like, even when she is laying down trying to relax, if I am talking, she always has her ear directed towards me. Plus, she never leaves! Like she has the option to just hope away if I talk too much, but she just lays there, in arms distance. She's just great! 

4. The best alarm clock!
I don't know how she does it, but she just knows exactly when to wake me up! I know I'm not really suppose to have Penelope out all the time, but I like to leave her out of her cage every so often; and she likes to wake me up with her kisses! Yes, she actually either licks the side of my face, or lick my hand (if it is not under the blanket). And, when I wake up, she just expects me to pet her (princess!)

5. She never gets mad at my annoyingness! 
This might sound bad, but sometimes it is kinda fun to irritate Penelope (but not to the point where it would hurt her!) But, for some reason she doesn't mind! Haha, in fact, she just allows it. However, whenever my sister or mother just try to even engaging contact with her, she get irritated easily! But, I think that's because she just doesn't like them lol

So... there you go. I think I am obsessed in love with my rabbit, but not in a creepy way! I mean, not every one has rabbits, so Penelope is definitely SPECIAL :P 

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