16 September 2015

The "Real" Me vs. Online Me

I would like to think that I am the same person when it comes to the internet world and the real world. In fact, I was prepared to write all about about that. But, as I pulled up onto my blog, and began to write, different thoughts came into my head. 

Online, you'll probably see me as an adventurous person. On instagram (my main social media outlet), you'll probably think that I like hang out with my friends and family, and constantly go out to share a meal with them here and everywhere.  The online world makes it so much easier to present myself as the person I want others to see me as. 

For example, on the blog, I realize that although I do write about my experiences and adventures here on my blog, I find myself editing a few details. I won't ever write about the days or events where I act like a complete a**. I just won't. Why? Because I don't want the internet world to see me in that light. I don't want to see myself in that way either.  So, I always focus on sharing the good and the fun! And, thats exactly what I do on other social media outlets.

I just like to think about the positive, so I share about the positive. 

In real life, I have so many different kinds of me. Does that make sense? I mean, with my friends, I am the friendly, sociably, reliable, trustworthy and honest person. I find myself saying the things others would be too afraid to say, no matter how harsh or nice it may be. So, to my friends and family, I am that person who will stick by your side if you ever need a friend at 3am in the morning just to talk.

I do, however, try as much as possible to be as honest as I can here on the blog. So, don't think I am a fraud. There are just certain stories in my life I choose not to share. Personal events that I am not ready to talk about. And, I think that it is normal, to have parts of me not shared with others, especially in the real world.

So, it is tricky... to say who the "real" me is and compare it to the online me. That's why I put the word real in quotation marks in my blog post title. I still don't know who the real me is. And as everyday is an adventure, I think it is always fun to reflect on the days to see the person I am becoming.

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SIDEBAR: It's interesting, I'm enrolled in the course called, Psychology of the Self, and yesterday's lecture was exactly about this... having multiple selves according to different context. You could be one person with someone, and then a completely different person with another! 
Brave Love BlogI'm linking up with #blogtember hosted by Bailey @ Brave Love Blog. Today is DAY 16 of the challenge. Today's prompt: The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different? If you happen to stop by, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and a link back to your blog! I would love to come and meet a lot of you in the challenge!

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