17 September 2015

My Latest Obsessions!

I think having obsessions are fun, but also be timing consuming. But, I mean...who pays attention to the whole wasting an entire day?? Okay, maybe I do. But, like I said obsessions are usually fun! Without that interest or fun element, you wouldn't really be obsessed with them. I think I'm rambling and rambling just to make an intro. Let's just get straight into it! Below I've listed 5 things I'm obsessed with! 

1. Grey's Anatomy! 
I can't help but use every minute of my free time to watch this show. It is SO addicting to watch! Have you ever watched Suits and been obsessed with the whole lawyering things? Well, it is exactly like that but with the doctor and surgery side of the medical world! Crazy stuff and VERY interesting story line and characters. I LOVE IT! 

2. Pinterest
I've had pinterest for a while now. And, because I had tumblr, I found myself on tumblr more than pinterest. But, lately, I found the joy in Pinterest that others feel. So, if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I've been pinning MORE than usual! And, that ties in with my obsession. I'm making more boards and separating everything into the categories I want. It's both fun and addicting! 

3. Tattoos
Ever since I got my first small outline tattoo of a heart on my wrist, I've been OBSESSED with tattoos in general! And, I'm obsessed with the idea of my next tattoo. I keep going through pinterest getting inspiration and thinking about a certain spot I would like it. IT is such a rush. And, the moment I save up enough money (tomorrow is payday), I'll be getting my second tattoo! YAY.

4. Journalling 
Ever since I started journalling, I haven't been able to put it down I love the idea of writing all my feelings and my thoughts. I also love the feeling that come afterwards... it is like a moment of relief and freedom from my thoughts. It helps me have a blank mind when starting a new task. I love doing it, and I literally write everything

5. Penelope
My bunny. She's cute, and fluffy, and soft. She's the cutest. She's my favourite pet, and my favourite thing to come home to. Did I mention she's the cutest bunny to ever exist?? 

There you have it! What are some of your obsessions?!   
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