08 September 2015

My Favourite Season: Summer

My favourite season is Summer!

Besides the days with over heating, I love everything about summer, and all the adventures that come with it.  I feel like summer is really my only time to separate my free time from school, and finally just have time to myself and with some friends and family. Summer is also the only really time I'm able to make all the money I need in order to pay for school. So, my summer is usually filled with work and fun! To me, it is a perfect combination a student can ask for!

Summer to me a time of adventures and being outdoorsy; to do things I wouldn't normally do in the winter. Like, going to the beach, staying at the cottage, fishing (even though I have no idea what I am doing), and go for nice walks at the park with a great breeze. 

I love summer. I live in Canada, so our winters here are COLD... like really cold. And, I've lived through winters throughout my whole life... so, you would expect me to know how to deal with the cold. But, lately, the cold just keeps getting colder and colder, which makes me more miserable and cold. Our winters don't even get snow at the proper times, like during christmas. The snow usually falls during January and mostly February until March and beginning of April.

Oh, did I forget to mention the summer sunsets? And, how absolutely beautiful they are during the summer! How red and pink and orange the sun sometime turns... just a beautiful sight to see. Oh, and a beautiful distractions when I'm driving on the clear roads. 

As you can see... winter makes me bitter. So, with hope and love, I am hoping for summer weather to extend a little longer this year! I don't think I am ready to start pulling out the sweaters from the basement and wearing my layers and jackets. So, summer please stay a little longer! I'm not ready for the cold!

What's your favourite season?!

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