19 September 2015

My Best Day = Penelope

The best day ever was when I brought Penelope home with me! 

I remember that day clearly. Jay and I were shopping and found ourselves in front of the pet store. We went in, and we looked at all the animals. Then, in an instant, I saw her. I saw how small, cute and adorable she was! She was the baby from the bunch, and she had the bluest eyes I've ever seen on a rabbit. Then, I told Jay, I wanted her. I wanted her as a friend for MJ (Jay's rabbit) and I wanted her for me! 
MJ And Penelope
However, we quickly realized that MJ (being a few months older than Pae) was a little more mature than Penelope was ready to be. So, we always found ourselves trying to remove MJ from attempting to get on top of Penelope; and we always had to help Penelope out when she tried to like run for her life away from him.

So, Penelope came home with me! I didn't tell my parents ahead of time, so I was a bit worried about their reaction. But, they thought she was so cute and welcomed home with open arms!

And, ever since then, we've been in separable. She's an amazing bunny, and I don't care if people say a rabbit isn't a "pet". Well, she's mine, and trust me she's more than a pet to me. Over the past year, she has grown to be a friend to play with, to annoy, and the talk to. And, I don't regret the day of getting her. Best spontaneous decision ever! 

So, there you have it. Penelope, has definitely been one of the best days of my life! If I had more time, I'd probably talk about ALL of the other days, but I mean, Penelope was the cutest of them all (sorry, Jay!)
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