09 September 2015

A Letter to 16-Year-Old Me

Dear 16-Year-Old Nessa, 

You might be confused as to who I am, or as to who I've become. Heck, you may not even recognize me. I'll tell you right now, we are not the same person. And, in all honesty, that is OKAY. In fact, it is at this age where you begin to see yourself transforming into someone who is just a happy ball of confidence and positivity.

This age won't be an easy time for you. A situation may have already occurred where trusted cousins of yours will commit the ultimate betray to you, your sister, and your other cousin. Things will be rough throughout the year - especially, with your dad. He may not talk to you, he may not look at you, nor will he try to have a conversation with you. It's okay to cry yourself to sleep. But, just remember, it will pass. Don't think of the negative, or think of negative actions. You're dad will soon become normal with all three of you again. 

You may notice yourself not trusting others with personal information with others... This may cause you to lose your social ability to make friends, and actually keep some friendships. Unfortunately, you and your best friend will drift apart, and you start to see yourself more and more alone during school. You'll have one frenemy who soon becomes your closest friend - keep her, she's one of the good ones! 

You'll also start to become closer with your sister. You guys no longer bicker and fight as much. You both start to confide to each other, and just talk about anything and everything you would have said if you were still close with all of your cousins. This will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your sister that will soon grow into an unbreakable bond. So, don't be afraid to hug her, and don't feel awkward when you feel like it is a good time to take a selfie with her! 

Before you've turned 16, you've met a boy - a handsome one, with full of aspirations and promise... and the best smile you've ever seen. Don't let anyone talk you down from being or starting something with him. He's one of those rare one's that you've never had or met before. He's definitely a keeper. He's shy; just like you. He won't tell you things in his past; just like you. Take the time to sit with him, and just talk. Talk about everything and anything, and it is at that moment you guys become something more than just a couple. 

Oh! there will be days where he wants to hang out with his boys; don't be upset. He will always come back to you at the end of the night, whether it is by BBMing you all day long, or skipping you all night long. Trust me, he's eager to end the day with his boys to come home to talk to you. 

* Spoiler alert... you guys are still together! *

You'll also notice a change slowly emerging once you've discovered the right people to stick by to. You do become more positive, and even more caring than once before. You soon start to slowly forgive and open up to your cousins (I lied, just the 1 who went through the hard times with you), and you build yourself a community of friends. 

Don't be afraid to branch out and talk to new people, or try new things. Even if you don't at this age, you'll eventually do so in your late teen years! 

Have all the fun you can now! And, be happy! 

Vanessa at Twenty

P.S. don't cut your own bangs! bangs don't look good on us!

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