29 September 2015

10 Blog Prompts for you!

Hello, friends! It is almost October. Like, literally.... tomorrow is the last day of September, and I am trying to figure out what I did for the month to fly so quickly! I'm also trying to figure out ways to keep me motivated and blogging regularly in October (especially, with all the tests/essays coming up).  So, what better way than to have some prompts ready for October?!?

10 Blog Prompts! 

1. List things you'll never do.
2. Write a blog post with 8 lines.
3. Picture diary of Fall in your town.
4. Share your favourite Halloween memory!
5. 5 things that help you go to sleep  
6. Write yourself a love letter.
7. A story behind your favourite piece of jewelry 
8. Share a pumpkin recipe!
9. Write a memory of fall past.
10. Book review!

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