12 August 2015

Winners Fab Find: Kate Spade Wallet

Have I ever told you I love Kate Spade? I love Kate Spade products so much to the point where I'd bought Kate Spade items for friends as well, so they can also enjoy the line. However, at normal Kate Spade stores, items can be a bit pricey, especially if you're a full-time student with a part-time job. 

I've recently discovered a Kate Spade outlet store (almost) near by my house. I'd say it is less than an hour by high way drive from here. I personally like the sales there! Most of the items were around 30% off, which of course seems like a sale to a gal like me! So, I decided that in the near future I would go back and get myself a wallet, and possibly a wallet for my cousin's birthday. 

Anyways, see the Kate Spade wallet above? I got that for such a steal at Winners! For my American followers who may have never heard of Winners, it is essentially your Marshalls. In fact, here in Canada, Winners, Marshals and Homesense are all under the same company. So, for those familiar with Marshalls, Winners is very similar! And, Winners never seem to disappoint when it comes to finding great deals for brand name items. 

When I saw this Kate Spade Wallet, I was actually shocked at the price reduction! At first, I genuinely thought that there may have been damage, due to the reduction of the price, however, because there was no "AS IS" stamped on the price ticket, it was too good to pass up. So, I literally purchased this adorable bowed- wallet in that instance. 

What I love about it, and all wallets, is the make of it. It is really practical, having a zipper inside for coins, lots of space for cash and the occasional receipts I throw in my wallet, and it can be held as a wristlet! A perfect combination, for me of course! 
P.S. For those who want to know the actual name of the item, its called Kate Spade Valencia Mara Wallet Wristlets Bow! I couldn't find a link on the Kate Spade website, I did however find a lot of others selling their on eBay.. click HERE to see those and their price ranges! 

I think you'll agree with me when I say for the 100th time, I got this wallet for such a steal.

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