04 August 2015

When You Have No Signal...

This past weekend was both eventful and relaxing. To be honest, I was more tired than ever! I was working a Friday and Saturday shift (yet, again!) from 8:30am until 3/4:00pm. I know I really shouldn't complain because I am a part-timer and these are pretty much the only shifts I get weekly, but I mean... I'm literally scheduled to work every weekend. Sometimes, it would be nice to have a weekend off... 

Anyways, on Sunday the family celebrated my uncles (I used an s to indicate 2, since they are twins!) 50th birthday. The banquet hall the family had booked was in a basement, and in a different city. But, I think because we were underground, I LITERALLY HAD NO SIGNAL. I never realized how dependent I really on my phone whenever I was at family parties. It keeps me busy as family games are going on, and keeps me occupied from socializing from my 2nd cousins from that side of the family. 

I know that's bad to say, but it is hard for my sister and I to be close with that side... we didn't grow up with them, and they do live far away from us to meet up with them all the time. So, whenever we attend the family parties, it is just my sister, my 4 cousins on our side, and I just sitting together. But, because I had no signal, I found myself actually talking to my cousins more today. It felt good to be honest. I would love to have a relationship with them in the future, so I guess it's always good to socialize with them now. 

However, even though I had no signal, we still found ourselves taking LOTS of pictures! Enjoy :) 

P.S. I know the quality of some photos may be bad, but that is because we were using the snapchat app to take the photo for snapchat.. and saved it from there. Lol, if you use snapchat, I know you'll understand what I'm saying!

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