10 August 2015

TWO YEARS + Blog Update!

Hi, Hi! I have exciting news! As of yesterday, the I Write About You blog is officially 2 years old! Yay! Just yay! I honestly had no idea that I would actually last this long at the whole blogging thing. And, to be honest, it actually feels like I just started this blog just yesterday!.. literally.

So, to celebrate posting personal information for strangers all over the world to read, I decided to make this more legit.

I BOUGHT MY OWN CUSTOM DOMAIN! and I really couldn't be anymore happier! This was definitely a long time coming, and the entire process was actually just stressful as I was trying to decide whether to take this BIG step or not. The worst part was just trying to figure out who I would buy the custom domain from.

An even worser (I know, this isn't a word) part was when I trying to buy I Write About You a month ago, the name was taken! It was taken by someone, and the link wouldn't even load... So, I actually sought out to decide if I wanted to change my entire brand. I thought of some really great names, but I really didn't want to abandon I Write About You. So, I tried deciding whether or not I wanted the word "blog" at the end of my domain... but, it just didn't seem right.

Then, just last week when I realized two years was coming up, I decided to just buy the dang domain, because this is something I've been thinking about for while. To my surprise, the domain I wanted was available! I followed the steps, and I actually got my custom domain working 3 days ago! and then, ta-da! I Write About You was re-born!

As I said, I am really happy! And, to celebrate my "new" space, I decided to buy my first pre-made theme (as you can already see). Overall, I am ecstatic to see where this blog goes!

Just so you know, everything stayed the same! Bloglovin' actually helped transfer my followers from the old domain to my new custom domain (shout out to bloglovin'!), and my instagram stayed the same! Also, if you typed in my old domain, the one with .blogspot.com, it will automatically redirect you to iwriteaboutyou.com!

Has your blog undergone any recent changes? Leave me a link below, I would love to check it out! :)

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