11 August 2015

The Highs and The Lows | #AnInspiredSeason

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Oh hey! Remember that time, oh, well I mean just a week or three ago, I was participating in the #AnInspiredSeason series? Well, clearly I did not get around to finishing in it. I was looking through the original prompts, and I really thought it was really a great idea of self reflection. So, I decided, to just finish it, regardless if the Bailey and Katie already finished hosting the series.  

Before I go straight into the topic, I think its a great refresher for all of us, including myself, to just revisit what I've already wrote:
     Well, Hello There (Day 1)

Today's prompt: Take a look back at your past. What are some highs and lows from this season? What are some surprises? What advice would you give yourself if starting this year/season anew?

Looking back in the past, it is hard to determine whether I've had more highs or more lows from my season. However, I do remember the stress I've had when looking for a path that I should be following. It is difficult, especially being almost done with university and still confused.

Don't get me wrong, I know the exact field I want to be in. But, I am being realistic. Everything is a competition now a day; especially grad school. And, with the different grad schools I've already research, only accepting a maximum of 30 students with the highest grades... my grade are average. So, here I am stuck. Looking for a plan B, and just in case, a plan C.

This is exactly why I am in the season of a mist. I have no idea, or at least a clear vision of where I should be in the next 5 years of my life.

However, what is surprising is my knowledge. I found that there are other career options I have, and shouldn't ignore. I am at least happy with myself for not giving up. I haven't given up the option of grad school - I will still apply for it, and still work hard in school. At the same time, I am open to the new options I've found interesting.

So, advice I would give to myself if I was starting this season anew:
"Don't give up on any dream you may have. Anything can be possible. Even if you come to the realization that something you want may not be possible, do not give up. Working hard on the progress can still lead you to somewhere. Stay in the positive, and good things will happen. Don't be afraid to look at new options as you'll be surprised to discover new interests and likes. But, most importantly, don't forget to reward yourself for all you've done so far. All you hard work will not be for nothing."

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