31 August 2015

September Goals

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Tomorrow is September... already?! I cannot believe that summer is already over and I start school next week. It is bitter sweet.. summer is ending and I won't be able to sleep in until the late hours. But, summer is ending... I can get my butt off the couch and start exercising to lose all the pounds I gained throughout the summer.. fun times.

Last Month's Wishes

1. Fitness. I did a lot of walking last month. I know it is not the hardcore working out I wanted and hoped to do, but walking is walking. According to my S Health on my phone, there were days where I walked more than 6000 steps (which is a daily goal). So, I think thats an achievement in the right direction.

2. Focusing on the Positive. This past month, I think I did a better job at looking at the positive. I was able to actually see the good in all the "bad" I've encountered. Thinking back, it made my life a little easier not to stress and not to worry so much! I am most definitely happy about that.

This Month's Wishes

1. Fitness. This month, it is time to get back into the hardcore workout routines. I have a lot of important events coming up in the near future - 21st birthday, grad photos, grad day, Cuba vacay - I want to look and feel my best. Time to get started and back into the habit. This is definitely a priority.

2. Blog-tember Challenge! This month, I've decided to participate in Bailey's 2nd annual blog-tember challenge! This will definitely be a challenge as it is literally everyday (7 days a week), and I have school starting back up in less than a week. So, I think with a bit of scheduling posts a head of times, I will be able to complete this challenge will keeping up with school!

3. Kill my last year in school! This is kind of exciting for me to be honest. I will be finishing up my 4th year of university. I cannot wait to do so, and I cannot wait to accomplish this huge milestone in my life. I want to be able to my best... and what better way to start of the school year with my 100% effort and focus. This is my last year! Time to get going! 

4. Stay in the Positive.  This is definitely going to be a repeating goal. I truly believe in the saying, "positive things happen to positive people." Staying in the positive will definitely be a challenge in certain situations, but the goal is to keep a smile on my face. Not to let anything bring me down!

Farewell summer 2015! You were most definitely amazing to me this year!

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