25 August 2015

Nails Done Up!

I always like the pamper myself. Even if it is for no good reason at all! Recently, I've been feeling down. And, by down, I just mean stressed out with everything and everyone! So, without a doubt in my mind, I just go them done! I know, I sound like getting my nails done is equivalent to getting a tattoo or something, but to me it is! Especially trying to figure out what colour or style I want them to be. 

C'mon.. at least one of you has to understand the struggle of choosing a colour!

Well, because I just couldn't decide on a simple (yet, not so simple) colour - literally story of my life and with all my life decisions lately - I decided to stick to the classic.  So, voila, I got the french nail. It's actually so cute, and you can never go wrong when sticking to the classics! Especially not worrying about your nails clashing with an outfit! It just works perfectly. 

P.S. When taking photos of your nails for instagram, snapchat, or even on your blog, does anyone else find themselves doing the most awkward hand positions? My hand always feel forced...

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