30 August 2015

Nachos and Wings!

When we arrived there, we found ourselves a little underdressed. To be more specific, because it was a chilly than normal day, we were wearing sweat pants. Opps. So, to avoid the awkwardness of walking in around well-dressed individuals in our sweats, we decided to search nearby and find somewhere else to eat. At this point, I was starving... I just wanted food!

Then, we saw a sports bar/restaurant in the near distance. PERFECT! "They will for sure have nachos", we thought. The place wasn't as busy as we anticipated. But, we didn't mind. All we wanted to do was eat. Did I mention how hungry I was at this point yet?

We were seated in a booth, and we were BEYOND impressed! There were a mini TV at one end of the booth, showing a baseball game (current game in sports at the time).

Then the food came. And, when I say food... I literally mean FEAST. The portions of the food was bigger than expected (no complains here), but I mean, it was literally a lot.  For instance, the nacho size itself was probably big enough to feed up to 4 people; so good thing we only ordered 1. And the wings.... they were most definitely bigger than wings from other restaurants. On top of the that, it all tasted AMAZING! The other day, we were craving Nachos. The only place we know that made nachos, and was actually delicious, was a restaurant in a nearby town. So, we got our stuff together, cleaned up our mess and started to head out.... TO EAT!

I will most definitely be returning in the near future. In fact, I've already told SO MANY PEOPLE about this place. It will probably be my new hangout spot whenever we just want to have a quick bite! So, don't be surprised if you constantly see me snapping pics of my wings ever other day! 

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