27 August 2015

Let's Go To The EX!

Let's go to the EX!
And, that's what I exactly did the other day. The exhibition place in Toronto is one of the main attractions here in the 6ix, and being my real last week before school or work starts back up for me, I decided to pull out my wallet and go to the EX!

Thanks to Cris from This Girl Saves, she actually helped me save some money! The original plan was to go during the day - admission would have been $18. But, thanks to her insta picture she posted the other day, I found out admission was only $6 after 5pm! So, our plans changed and we decided to hit the EX for after 5pm!

Before hand, we decided to go out and eat. We already had an idea that food and drinks are usually overpriced at places like the exhibition. So, we thought it would be smarter to eat ahead of time; a much bigger meal. We went to Casey's and ordered from the their special $6 apps menu; we actually got the cheesy spinach dip! (Which was absolutely delicious by the way). Then we order an entree; I got the buffalo chicken fingers with fries and cold slaw on the side; and Jay got the nacho burger also with fries on the side. Surprisingly, the meal was actually delicious.

We then drove our butts all the way downtown Toronto and we went got there. The others we were meeting up told us where they parked, so we planned to parked around the same area. They warned us that they paid $25 for parking. HOWEVER, when we got there, they raised the price and I ended up paying $30 for parking. The only good part was we got there for after 5pm and ending up paying $6 per ticket... so, I guess that's looking at the positive side. 

When we got there, I was surprised at how un-crowded the place was. I think it was because it wasn't the best weather... Like I mean, there was hardly any sun out, it was mostly cloudy, and wasn't too hot, nor too cold. But, with the less people there are, the more it was easier to make our way around the exhibition. 

There was this building, where they put a farm. It was kind of sad to be in there. Noting why I did not upload or take any photos of the animals. I personally felt the way the animals were caged in was actually worse than how they are at a farm... so, I personally did not like that and I just wanted to leave that area quickly. It was not something I wanted to see, no matter how cute the piglets were. 

However, in that farm building, I did see people sculpting actors out of butter. I thought that was cool. But, like with the animals, I thought it was cruel how they were in a glassed box... 

We pretty much walked around the ret of the park. I found it to be a cleaner version of a typical flee market. Inside other buildings, they just had mini booths selling a whole bunch of things - from jacuzzi's to jewelry. Some items were actually intriguing, and some items were just down right dumb. But, thats just my opinion. 

There were a bunch of rides - like the ones you'd find in a carnival. And, like at a carnival, you had to pay for coupons in order to get on a ride. We found those to be so expensive. Everything was such a money fishing expedition. However, everything was just so pretty to look at. 

They also had those booth to play the games and win a stuffed animal. Those were fun; and relatively cheap (if you actually win a prize). It was fun to watch others play; and it was fun to actually win. 

Overall, it was a great day! A great adventure! A great way day/night activity to spend while celebrating the summer.. you know, before it comes to an end!

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