17 August 2015

I Bought A Ban.do 17-Month Agenda

I DID IT! I bought my own agenda, and I would do it again, and again, and again just to relive that glorious moment I opened the agenda from its packaging.  I say packaging because it was in plastic when I bought it at the store! More on that just a few paragraphs down.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I was literally on a hunt looking for the perfect agenda to start off the school year. I wanted something small, inexpensive, yet cute and really pretty to look at.  Let me tell you, I've run into many different styles and assortments of agendas online - through etsy, and amazon. And although there were times I was tempted to press the "purchase now" option, I always doubted my choice because I really didn't know first hand how the actual agenda looks like.

So, I gave up. But, then just a few days ago, Mandy from A Girl Obsessed posted a picture on her instagram sharing a glimpse of her agenda. I was in awe! I quickly scrolled through her instgram to find the first time she had posted her agenda to find out where in the world she got it from. Then, I discovered BAN.DO!

Going through their page, I knew in an instant which one I wanted. I forgot how I did this exactly, but I somehow ended up on a page showing stores that sell their agendas. And, I happen to come across Indigo (a store in Canada) where I decided to skip the shipping fees and drive out there myself.

That's what I did!

I personally love this agenda! I've used it for the past few days, and I've yet to have any complains! This is by far the best agenda I've ever own; plus it is most definitely the cutest! A definite must buy!

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