06 August 2015

August Edition: Monthly Wishes!

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This post is a few dates later than I originally intended, but nonetheless, it is still here! Being August, (already?!!?) I think it is time for my focuses to be more on me. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and I think a little focus on me will motivate me, the right way, for September adventures of school to begin! 

Last Month's Wishes
1. Fitness. Nope, didn't even... let's just not talk about this one.  

2. Kill summer school. Actually, I wrote my midterm about 1-2 weeks ago, and I got an 84%! Yay me! Hopefully I'll keep this momentum and motivating going up until the exam!

3. Make the money. Yes, I've work a lot the past few weeks. However, I spent a lot as well.

4. "Fix" my Blog. BIG CHANGES ARE STILL COMING. No worries!

5. Research my future. Urg. This is what stressed me out the entire month of July. The fact that everything, and everything, was so confusing and competitive. 
This Month's Wishes

1. Fitness. If I do not have time to go to the gym, I want to at least be more active. That means, if I need to go to the store, and it is a fairly short distance, I'll ditch the car keys and walk. Just moving around more is better than sitting around debating whether I should hit the gym tomorrow.

2. Zen lifestyle. Recently I've come across the term Zen in a way I've never expected. I think it would be a great future blog post to talk about it. But, as a week ago, I decided to live a zen lifestyle - yes, mediation and intuition. This will be tough, since I've never done this before, but I am most certainly interested in this way of life. Maybe, it will do wonders for myself.

3. Focus on the positive. Especially with all the heat, it is easy to forget about the little things that fulfill our days. I don't want to be cranky. I don't want to judge others from a first glance. I don't care about these things anymore. I want to focus on the positive. My goal is to do think of 5 different positive things in the morning when I wake up - especially, on the Mondays!

4. Not care what others think. I have a tendency to let what others think dictate the way I live my life. That even includes what I write on this blog. This month, I will try to not focus on other's thinking. Hopefully, it will just be another positive change in my life to just focus on me! 
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