13 August 2015

An Adventure | #AnInspiredSeason

The most memorable adventure I had this summer was our trip to Wasaga beach for a friend's birthday. With all the school stress, and work stress I've been juggling to maintain throughout the summer, I think a weekend getaway was what I needed.

As I mentioned in the original post describing my time on that weekend, I didn't have the greatest time. However, regardless of the people I didn't get along with, I was there with my best friend, by my side literally the entire time. 

Laying on the beach was my favourite part. Although the sun was beaming down on my already dark skin, it was actually relaxing... Just the soothing of the waves coming in an out, and the beautiful view of the blue sky and blue water. 
Sitting and laying there, I had a great time to reflect on life. We talked about anything that came into my head, and everything we've felt.. just anything and everything. And, one thing I remember the most, is talking about my worries for the first time. Saying how I was afraid of the my future, made me realize that I should talk to others. Others who can help me out, others who may have ideas for me, or just others to vent to!

That was the first time in the summer I admitted to myself that I was scared - scared of my future, scared of the unknown. So, sitting on the beach I decided to make the push.. to push myself to stop procrastinating and just figure things out. If it is really stressful, as it would be during few times, then just to sit down and relax. 

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