September Goals

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Tomorrow is September... already?! I cannot believe that summer is already over and I start school next week. It is bitter sweet.. summer is ending and I won't be able to sleep in until the late hours. But, summer is ending... I can get my butt off the couch and start exercising to lose all the pounds I gained throughout the summer.. fun times.

Last Month's Wishes

1. Fitness. I did a lot of walking last month. I know it is not the hardcore working out I wanted and hoped to do, but walking is walking. According to my S Health on my phone, there were days where I walked more than 6000 steps (which is a daily goal). So, I think thats an achievement in the right direction.

2. Focusing on the Positive. This past month, I think I did a better job at looking at the positive. I was able to actually see the good in all the "bad" I've encountered. Thinking back, it made my life a little easier not to stress and not to worry so much! I am most definitely happy about that.

This Month's Wishes

1. Fitness. This month, it is time to get back into the hardcore workout routines. I have a lot of important events coming up in the near future - 21st birthday, grad photos, grad day, Cuba vacay - I want to look and feel my best. Time to get started and back into the habit. This is definitely a priority.

2. Blog-tember Challenge! This month, I've decided to participate in Bailey's 2nd annual blog-tember challenge! This will definitely be a challenge as it is literally everyday (7 days a week), and I have school starting back up in less than a week. So, I think with a bit of scheduling posts a head of times, I will be able to complete this challenge will keeping up with school!

3. Kill my last year in school! This is kind of exciting for me to be honest. I will be finishing up my 4th year of university. I cannot wait to do so, and I cannot wait to accomplish this huge milestone in my life. I want to be able to my best... and what better way to start of the school year with my 100% effort and focus. This is my last year! Time to get going! 

4. Stay in the Positive.  This is definitely going to be a repeating goal. I truly believe in the saying, "positive things happen to positive people." Staying in the positive will definitely be a challenge in certain situations, but the goal is to keep a smile on my face. Not to let anything bring me down!

Farewell summer 2015! You were most definitely amazing to me this year!

Nachos and Wings!

When we arrived there, we found ourselves a little underdressed. To be more specific, because it was a chilly than normal day, we were wearing sweat pants. Opps. So, to avoid the awkwardness of walking in around well-dressed individuals in our sweats, we decided to search nearby and find somewhere else to eat. At this point, I was starving... I just wanted food!

Then, we saw a sports bar/restaurant in the near distance. PERFECT! "They will for sure have nachos", we thought. The place wasn't as busy as we anticipated. But, we didn't mind. All we wanted to do was eat. Did I mention how hungry I was at this point yet?

We were seated in a booth, and we were BEYOND impressed! There were a mini TV at one end of the booth, showing a baseball game (current game in sports at the time).

Then the food came. And, when I say food... I literally mean FEAST. The portions of the food was bigger than expected (no complains here), but I mean, it was literally a lot.  For instance, the nacho size itself was probably big enough to feed up to 4 people; so good thing we only ordered 1. And the wings.... they were most definitely bigger than wings from other restaurants. On top of the that, it all tasted AMAZING! The other day, we were craving Nachos. The only place we know that made nachos, and was actually delicious, was a restaurant in a nearby town. So, we got our stuff together, cleaned up our mess and started to head out.... TO EAT!

I will most definitely be returning in the near future. In fact, I've already told SO MANY PEOPLE about this place. It will probably be my new hangout spot whenever we just want to have a quick bite! So, don't be surprised if you constantly see me snapping pics of my wings ever other day! 

If We Were On A Coffee Date | Vol. 4

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If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you how I Write About You went through major changes! Firstly, I bought my own custom domain. It was a battle for the url, but I somehow pulled through and got it! I also found myself buying my first premade theme for the blog. And, I couldn't have been any happier at how elegant and professional my blog layout now looks! Makes me so excited to get back into the blog bit. If you want to read more about it, click HERE.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you how I enjoyed summer school. The second half of summer school, I decided to take a Cognitive Development course. And, to my surprise, I actually loved it! At first, I only enrolled into the course in order to fulfill the credit; but, somehow, it was probably the most intriguing third year course I've ever taken. So, it was a great way to end off my summer. Being in a class, with the most amazing prof, killing the course. I hope this momentum continues!

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you that I'm nervous about my last year in uni. When school starts back up, literally less than 2 weeks away, I will be entering the last phase of my undergraduate path. It is nerve-racking. And, in all honestly, I am just scared. I want to kill the year. I want to be able to have many options available to me. It is all stressful; especially thinking about what I will be doing after I graduate. Hopefully, everything will click when the time comes to start applying for different programs!

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you how I'm thinking about looking for another job. Right now, I have a part-time retail job. Personally, I do not see it as an ideal job as this retail job is most likely not related to my career path. So, I really need to take time, sit down, and look - look for hospital jobs, or even volunteer opportunities. I need to build my resume and build my experience.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you how I went to the EX. The last time I went to the exhibition was actually YEARS ago. And, since I didn't remember what it was like, I thought I'd try it out. So, I went, and I enjoyed myself! It was a great day - but, I personally think it was because I was with great people. To read more details about it, click HERE

Let's Go To The EX!

Let's go to the EX!
And, that's what I exactly did the other day. The exhibition place in Toronto is one of the main attractions here in the 6ix, and being my real last week before school or work starts back up for me, I decided to pull out my wallet and go to the EX!

Thanks to Cris from This Girl Saves, she actually helped me save some money! The original plan was to go during the day - admission would have been $18. But, thanks to her insta picture she posted the other day, I found out admission was only $6 after 5pm! So, our plans changed and we decided to hit the EX for after 5pm!

Before hand, we decided to go out and eat. We already had an idea that food and drinks are usually overpriced at places like the exhibition. So, we thought it would be smarter to eat ahead of time; a much bigger meal. We went to Casey's and ordered from the their special $6 apps menu; we actually got the cheesy spinach dip! (Which was absolutely delicious by the way). Then we order an entree; I got the buffalo chicken fingers with fries and cold slaw on the side; and Jay got the nacho burger also with fries on the side. Surprisingly, the meal was actually delicious.

We then drove our butts all the way downtown Toronto and we went got there. The others we were meeting up told us where they parked, so we planned to parked around the same area. They warned us that they paid $25 for parking. HOWEVER, when we got there, they raised the price and I ended up paying $30 for parking. The only good part was we got there for after 5pm and ending up paying $6 per ticket... so, I guess that's looking at the positive side. 

When we got there, I was surprised at how un-crowded the place was. I think it was because it wasn't the best weather... Like I mean, there was hardly any sun out, it was mostly cloudy, and wasn't too hot, nor too cold. But, with the less people there are, the more it was easier to make our way around the exhibition. 

There was this building, where they put a farm. It was kind of sad to be in there. Noting why I did not upload or take any photos of the animals. I personally felt the way the animals were caged in was actually worse than how they are at a farm... so, I personally did not like that and I just wanted to leave that area quickly. It was not something I wanted to see, no matter how cute the piglets were. 

However, in that farm building, I did see people sculpting actors out of butter. I thought that was cool. But, like with the animals, I thought it was cruel how they were in a glassed box... 

We pretty much walked around the ret of the park. I found it to be a cleaner version of a typical flee market. Inside other buildings, they just had mini booths selling a whole bunch of things - from jacuzzi's to jewelry. Some items were actually intriguing, and some items were just down right dumb. But, thats just my opinion. 

There were a bunch of rides - like the ones you'd find in a carnival. And, like at a carnival, you had to pay for coupons in order to get on a ride. We found those to be so expensive. Everything was such a money fishing expedition. However, everything was just so pretty to look at. 

They also had those booth to play the games and win a stuffed animal. Those were fun; and relatively cheap (if you actually win a prize). It was fun to watch others play; and it was fun to actually win. 

Overall, it was a great day! A great adventure! A great way day/night activity to spend while celebrating the summer.. you know, before it comes to an end!

I Started Journalling!

Last week I bought a notebook. It was pink with a heart and arrows on the front cover. The cover of the notebook was not exactly hard covered, but it wasn't exactly soft covered as well. It was a mixture in between, and if I knew the right word to describe it, I would have told you for sure. But, I bought the book with the intention of writing in it. 

I decided to start journalling about my life - the good, the bad, the pretty, the random... pretty much everything.

I've been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy lately, and it got me thinking about the what if's. What if I don't remember any of my childhood/early adulthood to share stories with others in the future? What if I don't remember who I was? This journal is for me. For my future kids. For my future husband to read to me if I even lose my memory. (The Notebook much?)

I started writing it in the night I brought the book home that night. And, to much of my surprise, journalling seemed hard at first. I didn't know what to write, and I most definitely didn't know if I was writing a journal the proper way. So, I found myself on google trying to figure out if what I was doing was even right! But, few days of writing, I found that what I was writing, the way I was writing, was me. And, I didn't need google telling me how to be me.

If journalling is meant to be the uncensored version of my life; for my eyes only... I wanted the true and real effect of who I was. So, I tossed google aside, and I just wrote. 

Things I did notice, my writing was UGLY. I actually used to have beautiful writing, before the whole bring-your-laptop-to-university was a thing. I haven't done a lot of writing, so it will be very interesting to see how my writing evolves throughout the next years of journalling. 

What do I want to come out of this? I want to be able to release my thoughts and to be able to focus on the now. I noticed that whenever I wrote whatever popped up into my head, I found a relief in my mind. It was one less thing to think about while focusing on what I was suppose to do at that moment. So, I hope that this will be like a good therapeutic way to mediate and release the negative while embracing the positive. 

I am ready to take on this journey of life; and I cannot wait to re-read my adventures in the near future.

Nails Done Up!

I always like the pamper myself. Even if it is for no good reason at all! Recently, I've been feeling down. And, by down, I just mean stressed out with everything and everyone! So, without a doubt in my mind, I just go them done! I know, I sound like getting my nails done is equivalent to getting a tattoo or something, but to me it is! Especially trying to figure out what colour or style I want them to be. 

C'mon.. at least one of you has to understand the struggle of choosing a colour!

Well, because I just couldn't decide on a simple (yet, not so simple) colour - literally story of my life and with all my life decisions lately - I decided to stick to the classic.  So, voila, I got the french nail. It's actually so cute, and you can never go wrong when sticking to the classics! Especially not worrying about your nails clashing with an outfit! It just works perfectly. 

P.S. When taking photos of your nails for instagram, snapchat, or even on your blog, does anyone else find themselves doing the most awkward hand positions? My hand always feel forced...

I Bought A 17-Month Agenda

I DID IT! I bought my own agenda, and I would do it again, and again, and again just to relive that glorious moment I opened the agenda from its packaging.  I say packaging because it was in plastic when I bought it at the store! More on that just a few paragraphs down.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I was literally on a hunt looking for the perfect agenda to start off the school year. I wanted something small, inexpensive, yet cute and really pretty to look at.  Let me tell you, I've run into many different styles and assortments of agendas online - through etsy, and amazon. And although there were times I was tempted to press the "purchase now" option, I always doubted my choice because I really didn't know first hand how the actual agenda looks like.

So, I gave up. But, then just a few days ago, Mandy from A Girl Obsessed posted a picture on her instagram sharing a glimpse of her agenda. I was in awe! I quickly scrolled through her instgram to find the first time she had posted her agenda to find out where in the world she got it from. Then, I discovered BAN.DO!

Going through their page, I knew in an instant which one I wanted. I forgot how I did this exactly, but I somehow ended up on a page showing stores that sell their agendas. And, I happen to come across Indigo (a store in Canada) where I decided to skip the shipping fees and drive out there myself.

That's what I did!

I personally love this agenda! I've used it for the past few days, and I've yet to have any complains! This is by far the best agenda I've ever own; plus it is most definitely the cutest! A definite must buy!

Bunny Love to Start Off Your Weekend

This post is seriously long over due. I was going through my photos app here on my macbook and recently came across the photos! I didn't even realize how I completely forgot (or never had the time) to just create a post.

As some of you may already know, I have a lovely bunny friend, and her name is, Penelope. Before her, I had another rabbit, who no longer lives with me because Penelope is sassy and a never really got along with him. So, I thought it was just best to separate them. But, don't think I'm mean... Jay actually kept him, which just worked out perfectly for everyone.

However, once in a while, I like to bring the two together to give them a chance to interact with their own species! But, as I said before, Penelope does not always like MJ's company. So, it was somewhat hard to get great photos of the two of them. They were just not cooperating and were too rowdy to sit still.  But, I still got a few pics to share! 

So, to start of the weekend right, I decided to share photos of my (no longer) baby rabbits to fill your heart with the warm and fuzzy stuff. They are so cute, I can't even deny that!

Okay, maybe I lied about having a lot of photos... but, they were just rowdy, and Penelope just does not like MJ around her! So, I got a lot of photos of them moving, which just don't look so pretty on the blog!

Anyways, have a great weekend!

An Adventure | #AnInspiredSeason

The most memorable adventure I had this summer was our trip to Wasaga beach for a friend's birthday. With all the school stress, and work stress I've been juggling to maintain throughout the summer, I think a weekend getaway was what I needed.

As I mentioned in the original post describing my time on that weekend, I didn't have the greatest time. However, regardless of the people I didn't get along with, I was there with my best friend, by my side literally the entire time. 

Laying on the beach was my favourite part. Although the sun was beaming down on my already dark skin, it was actually relaxing... Just the soothing of the waves coming in an out, and the beautiful view of the blue sky and blue water. 
Sitting and laying there, I had a great time to reflect on life. We talked about anything that came into my head, and everything we've felt.. just anything and everything. And, one thing I remember the most, is talking about my worries for the first time. Saying how I was afraid of the my future, made me realize that I should talk to others. Others who can help me out, others who may have ideas for me, or just others to vent to!

That was the first time in the summer I admitted to myself that I was scared - scared of my future, scared of the unknown. So, sitting on the beach I decided to make the push.. to push myself to stop procrastinating and just figure things out. If it is really stressful, as it would be during few times, then just to sit down and relax. 

Winners Fab Find: Kate Spade Wallet

Have I ever told you I love Kate Spade? I love Kate Spade products so much to the point where I'd bought Kate Spade items for friends as well, so they can also enjoy the line. However, at normal Kate Spade stores, items can be a bit pricey, especially if you're a full-time student with a part-time job. 

I've recently discovered a Kate Spade outlet store (almost) near by my house. I'd say it is less than an hour by high way drive from here. I personally like the sales there! Most of the items were around 30% off, which of course seems like a sale to a gal like me! So, I decided that in the near future I would go back and get myself a wallet, and possibly a wallet for my cousin's birthday. 

Anyways, see the Kate Spade wallet above? I got that for such a steal at Winners! For my American followers who may have never heard of Winners, it is essentially your Marshalls. In fact, here in Canada, Winners, Marshals and Homesense are all under the same company. So, for those familiar with Marshalls, Winners is very similar! And, Winners never seem to disappoint when it comes to finding great deals for brand name items. 

When I saw this Kate Spade Wallet, I was actually shocked at the price reduction! At first, I genuinely thought that there may have been damage, due to the reduction of the price, however, because there was no "AS IS" stamped on the price ticket, it was too good to pass up. So, I literally purchased this adorable bowed- wallet in that instance. 

What I love about it, and all wallets, is the make of it. It is really practical, having a zipper inside for coins, lots of space for cash and the occasional receipts I throw in my wallet, and it can be held as a wristlet! A perfect combination, for me of course! 
P.S. For those who want to know the actual name of the item, its called Kate Spade Valencia Mara Wallet Wristlets Bow! I couldn't find a link on the Kate Spade website, I did however find a lot of others selling their on eBay.. click HERE to see those and their price ranges! 

I think you'll agree with me when I say for the 100th time, I got this wallet for such a steal.

The Highs and The Lows | #AnInspiredSeason

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Oh hey! Remember that time, oh, well I mean just a week or three ago, I was participating in the #AnInspiredSeason series? Well, clearly I did not get around to finishing in it. I was looking through the original prompts, and I really thought it was really a great idea of self reflection. So, I decided, to just finish it, regardless if the Bailey and Katie already finished hosting the series.  

Before I go straight into the topic, I think its a great refresher for all of us, including myself, to just revisit what I've already wrote:
     Well, Hello There (Day 1)

Today's prompt: Take a look back at your past. What are some highs and lows from this season? What are some surprises? What advice would you give yourself if starting this year/season anew?

Looking back in the past, it is hard to determine whether I've had more highs or more lows from my season. However, I do remember the stress I've had when looking for a path that I should be following. It is difficult, especially being almost done with university and still confused.

Don't get me wrong, I know the exact field I want to be in. But, I am being realistic. Everything is a competition now a day; especially grad school. And, with the different grad schools I've already research, only accepting a maximum of 30 students with the highest grades... my grade are average. So, here I am stuck. Looking for a plan B, and just in case, a plan C.

This is exactly why I am in the season of a mist. I have no idea, or at least a clear vision of where I should be in the next 5 years of my life.

However, what is surprising is my knowledge. I found that there are other career options I have, and shouldn't ignore. I am at least happy with myself for not giving up. I haven't given up the option of grad school - I will still apply for it, and still work hard in school. At the same time, I am open to the new options I've found interesting.

So, advice I would give to myself if I was starting this season anew:
"Don't give up on any dream you may have. Anything can be possible. Even if you come to the realization that something you want may not be possible, do not give up. Working hard on the progress can still lead you to somewhere. Stay in the positive, and good things will happen. Don't be afraid to look at new options as you'll be surprised to discover new interests and likes. But, most importantly, don't forget to reward yourself for all you've done so far. All you hard work will not be for nothing."