06 July 2015

Y'all Make Me Nervous..

this photo has nothing to do with this post.. but, watermelons
Just the other day, I decided to participate in Helene's July Instagram Challenge #31PhotosInBetween! I actually linked you back to her original post if you have yet to hear about this challenge and wanted to participant. Anyways, back to the point of this blog post.. 

As I was going through most of photos tagged with the hashtag, I found myself stalking over to the original posters instagram page, and instead of going through their pictures, I end up on their blog. It's definitely an interesting way of finding new blogs to follow; plus, its a great way to waste a lot of time. But, I'm not complaining. 

Reading through people's blog got me thinking... I'm pretty sure there are others doing the same thing and somehow ending up on my blog. And, it scares me! Helene has a lot of followers... and when I say a lot, I literally mean a lot because, we as followers, seem to be very loyal and just do anything she throws at us! (I say this in a good way of course!) With that, she is also friendly and has a lot of other big blogger friends by her side.. 

I couldn't imagine any of them viewing on my picture on instagram, then happen to click on my insta name that just happen to have my blog URL in the description bringing them to the home page of my blog. But, then again.. it could happen, and very much may have already happened! 

Now, I'm just wondering how I appear myself to new viewers.. Am I boring? Am I too personal? Am I too random? Do I try hard to be funny? It really is an entirely new side of me to share everything I know and feel with complete strangers. And, with through this challenge, this is the first time I'm thinking about how other bloggers view my blog. It is definitely scary, yet exciting at the same time... 

Does that make sense? 
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