13 July 2015

Weekend Recap: Brown Fam Jam

In case you don't already know, I am half Sri Lankan. So, as a fellow (half) brown girl, I do have my fair share of attending a lot of the typical, of what we call, "brown fam jams". They are usually fun, depending on the event. Like, I personally like attending weddings! I just think everything, and everyone is just absolutely beautiful.

This past weekend my cousin and his very beautiful wife celebrated their first son's first birthday. In our culture, you do big parties for a son's first birthday, first communion, the occasional confirmation, and later a wedding. For the daughters, you do big parties for when you become a woman - basically a puberty party letting everyone know you are a "big girl". Crazy, I know.

Back to the recap of this post, my cousin, sister and I decided to go shopping the day before the party. Which is usually a big no-no, especially if you were to wear a sari... blouses just does not take a day to make. So on the search for buying sari's and punjavi's, somehow we successfully completed our shopping within 5 hours. AND we ate. Yay us!

Saturday was such a mission, for me. I had word in the morning and I actually asked if I was able to leave early. Thankfully I was, because the stress of getting to my cousins place to get ready was just a mess. My hair was not to my liking, and the underskirt for my sari was just way too tight. But, that all didn't seem to matter when we arrived and just had fun with one another and our other cousins.
Overall, the night was great! I personally had fun being with family. But, after a long morning at work, and a long night at a loud party with full-of-energy cousins, I was just exhausted by the end of the night. I personally wish I took more photos of the cousin on my phone. Because now I am just waiting for them to send me the photos of us in groups...

On the Sunday, my cousin and I decided to just have a chill day and hung out with the hubbies. We went to Kelsey's and ate wings and the guys drank beer. We chilled for a bit afterwards just talking about everything, and putting each other on blast. It was an honestly great way to end the weekend with those I actually enjoy spending time with! 
It really was a great weekend! I cannot wait to be spending more with the cousins before the school year in September starts!
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