03 July 2015

Date Night: Spring Rolls

This past weekend, Jay and I spontaneously decided we needed to go out. I personally think it was because we both had a long shift, 8am-4pm at our work, and we were both just tired and cranky and hungry. I know that the last time I ate earlier that day was actually during my lunch break.. which was at 11am. Any who.. the point was that we were really hungry and we wanted to eat a lot. And, instead of going to a restaurant and buying appetizers AND main dish AND desert, which of course accumulates, why not just go to a buffet? 

That's what we did. We went to this very popular place called Spring Rolls; and it was just amazing. The set up was similar to other buffet's my family and I usually go to - it was a restaurant style, but because it was a buffet, you can order as much as you wanted! And, that's what we did. 

THE GOOD: The food was amazing. They had a lot of choice, ranging from sushi/sashimi, to stead and rack of lamb. I loved the interior decor; the lightning and style of the entire place just seemed so elegant, yet a night club at the same time. It was just a perfect mixture. Also, the plating was just beautiful!

THE BAD: Service was a bit slow. When we arrived there, we found ourselves waiting 10 minutes just to order drinks. Then, followed by 5 minutes to receive the drinks, and actually order our first round of food. 10 minutes to receive the first plate, which is understandable... but, we found ourselves missing half of the items we ordered. When we were done eating our first round, again we pretty much waited 15 minutes until our waited reappeared. It took 5 minutes to get the rice we ordered, then 10-15 minutes until the rest of our order started coming in. Again, we were missing a few of our orders. We then waited 15 minutes for our waiter to look at us to order desert. We decided to just get the bill and leave. We were there for a total of 2 hours.. and that was mostly because of all the waiting we had to endure. 

Besides the bad, like I said, the food was delicious. Although, now that I think about it, I kind of wished they gave more options for sauce on some of the entrees. I found that a lot of the entrees had this type of coconut sauce that I was just not feeling... to me, it had a beginning taste of nuts, which I personally do not like. But, that's just our opinion...
Have you been to a restaurant style buffet before? How did you like it? Let me know :) 
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