17 June 2015

Weekend Getaway to Wasaga

This is kind of a late post, but that was because I was catching up on sleep.  But, this past weekend, Jay's childhood best friend, J, and his girlfriend, R, hosted a birthday party in Wasaga beach! I've never been to Wasaga beach before, and with all the hype they were giving off about Wasaga, Jay and I have been excited for weeks. 

The ride there wasn't too long, it was an hour and half for Jay and I. I personally think it was because we were smarter and planned to leave ahead of time before traffic hit. Unfortunately for the others, coming in 2 vans, their trip was around 3 hours as they decided to leave right when traffic was building up. As Jay said, "they should have listened to us." I think it also had something to do with the fact that it was raining like crazy on the way up there.. like, when it rains, people tend to drive slower.

If I can be frank about this, R's friends were not what I expected. In fact, the entire weekend was not as expected. Being the 2 odd people out of this group of friends who hangout on a regular basis, you can already feel the exclusion from the moment they arrived to the cottage we all rented. For most of the weekend, it was like this. The entire group, and then Jay and I putting more than required effort to be friendly with this group of people. 

It was hard. And, needless to say, it just drove Jay and I away from the group. In all honesty, it was just more fun for us to be together and do our own thing. They didn't mind, and we didn't either. Looking back, it kind of sucks because it probably would have been less of a boring trip if the others tried as hard as we did to get to know us, as we got to know about them. In fact... their group of was friends were just a boring bunch. They wanted to just sit and play beer pong (with literally the 4 people who wanted to play), and just chill... and do nothing. I, however, wanted to go out and see different things the city had to offer - like there is this big field you can do around 20 laps of go-karting... But no, they just wanted to stay in and smoke their cigarettes, and drink beer. Urg. #boring.

Also, in regards to R, she just surprised me, and I personally think this past weekend revealed her true colours. Something Jay and I will definitely keep in mind for future events. But, thats another story for a different post...

Other than the awkward social grouping, Wasaga was honestly beautiful and relaxing. Walking on the beach, watching the sunset, joy riding across the city, was a beautiful sight. I took a few pictures as Wasaga Beach is literally just the beach and houses.. nothing really much else to do (according to the group we were with who decided that it either the beach, or boardwalk, or at the cottage we would go and hangout). But, if you follow me on snapchat, you probably would have seen the 200 seconds of snaps I posted, which is probably more exciting than these photos! 

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