25 June 2015

#tbt to Last June

I had a few Silent Sunday photos to choose from last year in June: Silent Sunday #23, #24, #25, #26,  and #27. I decided to briefly talk about #26.. my Penelope of course! It has been a while since I last spoke of her, so a good throw back wouldn't be so bad for the both of us!

I actually remember this day perfectly. Penelope has been apart of our home for about 3 months now. And, as you can tell, Penelope has taken no time to already make our home apart of hers! She is a little sassy one, let me tell you that. I do not know if you can tell, in the photo she is on top of a table we have in the living room. How she jumped up there, still surprises us as she has started to develop the habit to jump onto higher and higher objects!

What's in her mouth? This is why she is so sassy. In her mouth, she is currently eating a leaf from a bed of flowers we set on the table. And, when my sister of mom tried to shoo her off of the table, or remove the lead from her mouth, Penelope would make this grunt sound. It was hilarious!  'Cos the grunting sound is her way of showing anger, and as she would grunt she stomps her feet. It's like this attitude thing rabbits have (yes... I've googled it!)

You had to be there to understand how cute and funny it was. Plus, she was such a baby, which made this entire thing that much more cuter!
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