29 June 2015

Some Friendships Just Don't Work Out

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It shouldn't be a surprise that I have a small group of friends. And, when I say small, I literally mean I have 6 great friends + my cousin and my sister; all of whom I can actually trust. I truly do not mind... but, it does piss me off when my cousin or sister joke around saying, "you don't have any friends". It pisses me off because they are the type of people to befriend everyone, and start trusting them all with their life stories.. I guess it's easier for them to be friends with everyone, and hang out with everyone. 

But, I'm different. I'm the shy one. I'm the one who has high standards when it comes to friendships. So, when it comes to friends, I want friends who are like me - loyal, trustworthy, honest, caring, and someone who will be there for me, especially when I need them the most. I don't have a bunch of acquaintances to  call "friends" if they don't cut it. To me, I see no point of sharing personal stories  or my time with people whom I know will probably just talk about it to others when I'm not around.

With that being said, please don't assume that I'm not friendly. Because I am, trust me. If I first meet a person, no matter the vibe you give off, good or bad, I'll still be friendly to with them. But, afterwards, I make the (un)conscious decision of whether or not I like him/her as a person which inevitably determines if we could ever be friends or not. 

I know I make this sound bad, but believe me it is not. It's just I've been burned by so many catty girls, and I just rather stay away from the drama. So, if that means I have a smaller group of close friends, instead of a bunch of acquaintances, I'm perfectly happy. 

In fact, just the other week, I decided to end one of the "friendships" that was recently developing. And, honestly I am sad about it, I really did see potential, especially considering the fact that she's Jay's best friends girl.. we could have been great friends! But, during the Wasaga getaway I recently went on, she displayed a side of her that I was just not feeling. She was so catty, and a spoiled brat just because she thought her boyfriend bought her a birthday present from Walmart (which, wasn't true.. it was a cover story to hide the fact that he bought her a Pandora ring). 

Anyways, she just became someone I didn't like. She is someone I really don't want to surround myself with. When she came to apologize to me for talking rudely and demeaning to Jay, her excuse basically included, "when I'm around my friends, we act like this." Well, if that is the case, I don't think I want to be around her and her friends. To me, it was just rude and unnecessary. 

It's unfortunate. We could have been really good friends. But, I guess some friendships are just not meant to work out. And, like I said continuously, I don't mind not being friends with people like that. 

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  1. I just cut off a somewhat developed good friendship today as well because it just wasn't working out for the both of us and I hated the way he treated me. I don't have many friends either and I'm okay with that and I totally understand what you mean by not sharing personal stories right away. I come off really bitchy to people but I absolutely hate small conversation. I am more relaxed and opened when we have a normal flowing conversation right away.

  2. Yeah! I also come off as bitchy when people first meet me, and I guess it's because if your not gonna try as hard as me to get this conversation going, then I'm just over it. Like you, I'm so much more relaxed when conservation flows effortlessly.. but I guess it take both sides to do it.. not just one.