17 June 2015

I Switched Phone Companies + Went to the 'Droid Side

 Literally one week ago, I decided to make a big jump in my life.  Yes, I say this is a big jump, because to me this is a HUGE change.  Not only did I decided to switch out of my phone company and into another, I decided to also switch phone sides. So, I am no longer with Apple, and instead went to the Android Side. 

It all started when my iPhone 4s continuously gave me problems - it would act up, apps would constantly close on their own, or it was frozen. I took care of that phone for an almost 3 years, and after 1 drop (from not a high distance I should add..) my front screen cracks. Taking selfies was hard as the camera was no longer clear, and everything went down hill from there. 

Don't ask me how exactly, but just last week, when I distinctly remember putting my phone on a table, it somehow ended up in a bucket of water.  Like I said, I really don't know what happened. Any who, that phone just became useless. Because of the crack in the phone, water of course seeped through, causing discolouration on the screen, and not being able to hear anyone on the line when they called. It was just a no no. 

And because I was already contemplating leaving my phone company, which was way too expensive, I decided to overall just screw the iPhone and try something different. Hey, I might as well right? I'm already switching to a different company, might as well a different phone. 

Neisha's boyfriend, P., works at Wind (the phone company I switched to), and he was just really helpful. He helped me select a better phone, and as well set up the new account and plan I would be doing. So, as of last week, I decided to choose the $40.00 plan, which included unlimited texting, calling, and data; voicemail, pretty much everything! Which to me is amazing as my previous plan was $65.00 for unlimited texting and calling, but 1GB of data (which I seem to constantly go over).
In addition to this switch, I ditched the iPhone 4s and decided to get the Samsung S6 Edge. Oh boy, this phone is a beauty. If I was so tech savvy, I can pretty much do a separate post devoted to this phone. It is amazing, and I really cannot put it down. It really is like an iPhone.. but, to me, it functions so much better.  Like I said, if I was tech savvy, I probably could write a review devoted to the S6 edge, but I have not idea what I am talking about... 

But yeah. I was at first nervous about leaving the iPhone scene to enter the Android lifestyle; looking back, I really do not know why I was ever so worried. It's a well functioning phone, that seems to have a better battery lifespan. I love it, and it has everything I need. So no complaints from me!  
Although, as it is a fairly new phone with a curve design, I do wish someone would create a screen protector faster... as well as more phone case designs! So, I will defiantly be waiting for those.
P.S. This post is not sponsored by Wind Mobile company or Samsung. I was simply describing the switches that I recently did! 
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