22 June 2015

Father's Day Recap

I know this is pretty late, but I would like to say, Happy Father's Day to all the the father's out there in the world! I know yesterday, my family and I enjoyed ourselves as we took our dad to his favourite sushi place, Spoon and Fork. The only reason why he loves it there is because even though the place is set up as a restaurant, it is a beautiful, so you can literally order as much as you want. 

As I mentioned, my dad loves sushi. So, of course he wanted to go eat there in order as much sushi and sashimi as he can! We didn't mind, especially my sister. She also loves her sushi! 

After, we walked across the malls to Winners, where we bought our dad something he wanted. We liked it better this way since he is very particular in what he wears, or uses as a cologne base. This way, he picks what he actually wants and needs, and everyone wins! Plus, he was happy we got to use my employe discount ;)

For the rest of the day, we laid low and just stayed at home enjoying the weather on the patio. The weather was a little hotter than previous days, so we weren't used to the hot weather, yet. But, I didn't mind. I didn't like when it rained or snowed. I rather have the nice warmer weather of the sun! 

Did you go out to eat with your fathers? Let me know in the comments! 
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