23 June 2015

AIRDROID... Probably My New Favourite Thing

So, it is no secret that I am now on the android side of things. So, you can already imagine the stress of pretty much changing every habit I used to have with iPhone in order to accommodate the android. 

One of the sad features I thought I would miss with iPhones:
  • Sending iMessages from my macbook when I do not want to pick up my phone
  • Using iCloud to sync my pictures quickly to my macbook and create additional space 
Oh... I guess that's really it. Aha, thinking about this post I really thought there would be more I'd miss. Any who... 

As you can obviously tell, the Samsung and iPhones have different features that clearly work in different ways. For one, uploading pictures from my Samsung and onto my macbook pro via USB does not easily work. In fact, looking through my finder, it is as if my laptop does not recognize the device, and therefore uploading photos via USB does not work. 

So, I took my search to google, and found my new favourite thing: AIRDROID. (I thought it was funny... because, you know.. iCloud.. get it? aha). So, like what I can do with imessaging on my laptop, I can do that plus more:
  • Send text messages from my macbook (using my phone information)
  • Answer or make phone calls on my laptop
  • Transfer files (i.e., documents, photos, music, videos) easily between my phone and desktop
  • Receive live notification on your desktop as you would receive them on your phone
I'm sure there is more you can do, but this is all that I've easily discovered. It is easy, and honestly I think a great way to have Samsung phone and Macbook pro interact. 
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