If We Were On A Coffee Date | Vol. 2

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If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you that I went to Wasaga beach. Actually, I blogged about it already, so if you read that post, I wouldn't have to tell you... (HERE). It was both relaxing and somewhat fun. But nonetheless, it was a weekend getaway I really needed. Away from all the chaos happening here at home, school, and life in general!

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you that I'm nervous about the future. I've been thinking about about the what's I'm suppose to do after I graduate from uni. It is honestly nerve racking and just unsettling not to know because I do not have a solid plan. I need to really put my head and heart together to see what I really want to do in the future.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you I read 3 books in this month alone. It would have been 4, but I actually got distracted being in Wasaga and not bringing the physical book with me there. In fact, I finished each book in less than 3 days. They were all John Green books - The Fault in my Stars definitely my favourite.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you about my new phone. I love my new phone. It's the new Samsung 6 Edge. At first I thought I would low-key be upset about not being on the Apple side of things anymore, but the switch was incredibly easy! I'm actually very impressed with the phone, especially the camera.

If we were on a coffee date, we'd probably talk about OTNB. Yes, I love Orange is the New Black. Although, there are some interactions between characters that make me feel uncomfortable, but the story line overall is pretty great! I love the new character, Stella, played by Ruby Rose - and she is just absolutely gorgeous! I would also talk about how I feel really bad for Dayanara's character. The entire season, she defiantly suffered a lot. I'd probably go on an on, but I don't want to give spoilers to those who have yet to watch the season!

Hope to see y'all on our next coffee date!
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Some Friendships Just Don't Work Out

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It shouldn't be a surprise that I have a small group of friends. And, when I say small, I literally mean I have 6 great friends + my cousin and my sister; all of whom I can actually trust. I truly do not mind... but, it does piss me off when my cousin or sister joke around saying, "you don't have any friends". It pisses me off because they are the type of people to befriend everyone, and start trusting them all with their life stories.. I guess it's easier for them to be friends with everyone, and hang out with everyone. 

But, I'm different. I'm the shy one. I'm the one who has high standards when it comes to friendships. So, when it comes to friends, I want friends who are like me - loyal, trustworthy, honest, caring, and someone who will be there for me, especially when I need them the most. I don't have a bunch of acquaintances to  call "friends" if they don't cut it. To me, I see no point of sharing personal stories  or my time with people whom I know will probably just talk about it to others when I'm not around.

With that being said, please don't assume that I'm not friendly. Because I am, trust me. If I first meet a person, no matter the vibe you give off, good or bad, I'll still be friendly to with them. But, afterwards, I make the (un)conscious decision of whether or not I like him/her as a person which inevitably determines if we could ever be friends or not. 

I know I make this sound bad, but believe me it is not. It's just I've been burned by so many catty girls, and I just rather stay away from the drama. So, if that means I have a smaller group of close friends, instead of a bunch of acquaintances, I'm perfectly happy. 

In fact, just the other week, I decided to end one of the "friendships" that was recently developing. And, honestly I am sad about it, I really did see potential, especially considering the fact that she's Jay's best friends girl.. we could have been great friends! But, during the Wasaga getaway I recently went on, she displayed a side of her that I was just not feeling. She was so catty, and a spoiled brat just because she thought her boyfriend bought her a birthday present from Walmart (which, wasn't true.. it was a cover story to hide the fact that he bought her a Pandora ring). 

Anyways, she just became someone I didn't like. She is someone I really don't want to surround myself with. When she came to apologize to me for talking rudely and demeaning to Jay, her excuse basically included, "when I'm around my friends, we act like this." Well, if that is the case, I don't think I want to be around her and her friends. To me, it was just rude and unnecessary. 

It's unfortunate. We could have been really good friends. But, I guess some friendships are just not meant to work out. And, like I said continuously, I don't mind not being friends with people like that. 

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Silent Sunday #58

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High Park Adventures!

I have a confession to make about this post before I continue.. This post is relatively late. Okay, maybe a month or 2. But, as I was cleaning up some past posts, I actually found this post in my drafts. And, instead of having this post go to waste, I decided to share it with you all! 

This was probably the first time we hung out since the summer, of last year. So, few days prior to actually meeting up, and hanging out, we chose the most random, and surprisingly, only free date that we were ALL available on!  We actually decided to meet up at Dufferin mall because N wanted us to try a shwarma pizza. Because, her brother actually went to high school close by, we decided to wait till he was done school, and asked him to join us. WE realized that he only met up with us only so that he had something to eat. That's our cousin for you. 

The pizza shop was interesting to say the least. High school boys everywhere. Being short and all, it was no surprise that people tend to think that N and I are younger than we really are. So, we weren't really all that surprised when one of the guys asked us how old we were. N, being who she is, actually forgot and decided to age us by 2-3 years. It's all good! It worked out best as they left us alone. 

We then proceeded to high park. When we got there, we all agreed that we chose the worst day to go to High Park. Why? Well, it was the first day the flowers on the trees were budding. So, it was crowded! And, finding a place to park was just worst! We, eventually found a parking, and set off our adventure. We ate our pizza on a nearby bench; then proceeded to walk around and take pictures, just as everyone else around us did. Walking down the park, we discovered a water part that we've never saw until that day. Which is surprising, because we basically grew up playing at High Park when we were younger. 

We actually found our way to the zoo. And, like we were little, we didn't go through the entire thing. Watching the animals behinds fences made us sad; plus they smelled.. IT was a zoo with a lot of buffalo.. 

But overall, we were glad we had a cousins day. It was definitely long over due. Can't wait till we hang out more in the summer!

I just love summer! Cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me!
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#tbt to Last June

I had a few Silent Sunday photos to choose from last year in June: Silent Sunday #23, #24, #25, #26,  and #27. I decided to briefly talk about #26.. my Penelope of course! It has been a while since I last spoke of her, so a good throw back wouldn't be so bad for the both of us!

I actually remember this day perfectly. Penelope has been apart of our home for about 3 months now. And, as you can tell, Penelope has taken no time to already make our home apart of hers! She is a little sassy one, let me tell you that. I do not know if you can tell, in the photo she is on top of a table we have in the living room. How she jumped up there, still surprises us as she has started to develop the habit to jump onto higher and higher objects!

What's in her mouth? This is why she is so sassy. In her mouth, she is currently eating a leaf from a bed of flowers we set on the table. And, when my sister of mom tried to shoo her off of the table, or remove the lead from her mouth, Penelope would make this grunt sound. It was hilarious!  'Cos the grunting sound is her way of showing anger, and as she would grunt she stomps her feet. It's like this attitude thing rabbits have (yes... I've googled it!)

You had to be there to understand how cute and funny it was. Plus, she was such a baby, which made this entire thing that much more cuter!
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NOFT: ESSIE Strut Your Stuff

Summer, summer, summer. It is finally summer, and I shouldn't really complain too much about the heat, because I spent a lot of time during the winter asking for summer... So, now that it is sunny, with such a child breeze, and the beautiful weather, I can promise you that I am not complaining about the summer. 

Anyways, lately, I've been taking care of my nails. I think it is because that I no longer have the bad habit of biting them, my nails actually are able to grow up and look so much better! So, of course I want them to look pretty, especially during the summer. 
ESSIE is usually a favourite of mine. And just the other day, I found ESSIE Strut Your Stuff. It is honestly such a beautiful shade of blue that goes perfectly with summer fun colours! It is also perfect if you decide to have your nails stand out by wearing neutral colour outfits. This is definitely an ideal summer colour! Heck, you can even wear it to match a blue swim suits.. which is perfect, as I recently bought a swim suit of the same colour!

Any nail polishes you love for the summer? Let me know, I would love to try! Even better, if you already made a post on some, leave a link, and I would love to check it out! 
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AIRDROID... Probably My New Favourite Thing

So, it is no secret that I am now on the android side of things. So, you can already imagine the stress of pretty much changing every habit I used to have with iPhone in order to accommodate the android. 

One of the sad features I thought I would miss with iPhones:
  • Sending iMessages from my macbook when I do not want to pick up my phone
  • Using iCloud to sync my pictures quickly to my macbook and create additional space 
Oh... I guess that's really it. Aha, thinking about this post I really thought there would be more I'd miss. Any who... 

As you can obviously tell, the Samsung and iPhones have different features that clearly work in different ways. For one, uploading pictures from my Samsung and onto my macbook pro via USB does not easily work. In fact, looking through my finder, it is as if my laptop does not recognize the device, and therefore uploading photos via USB does not work. 

So, I took my search to google, and found my new favourite thing: AIRDROID. (I thought it was funny... because, you know.. iCloud.. get it? aha). So, like what I can do with imessaging on my laptop, I can do that plus more:
  • Send text messages from my macbook (using my phone information)
  • Answer or make phone calls on my laptop
  • Transfer files (i.e., documents, photos, music, videos) easily between my phone and desktop
  • Receive live notification on your desktop as you would receive them on your phone
I'm sure there is more you can do, but this is all that I've easily discovered. It is easy, and honestly I think a great way to have Samsung phone and Macbook pro interact. 
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Father's Day Recap

I know this is pretty late, but I would like to say, Happy Father's Day to all the the father's out there in the world! I know yesterday, my family and I enjoyed ourselves as we took our dad to his favourite sushi place, Spoon and Fork. The only reason why he loves it there is because even though the place is set up as a restaurant, it is a beautiful, so you can literally order as much as you want. 

As I mentioned, my dad loves sushi. So, of course he wanted to go eat there in order as much sushi and sashimi as he can! We didn't mind, especially my sister. She also loves her sushi! 

After, we walked across the malls to Winners, where we bought our dad something he wanted. We liked it better this way since he is very particular in what he wears, or uses as a cologne base. This way, he picks what he actually wants and needs, and everyone wins! Plus, he was happy we got to use my employe discount ;)

For the rest of the day, we laid low and just stayed at home enjoying the weather on the patio. The weather was a little hotter than previous days, so we weren't used to the hot weather, yet. But, I didn't mind. I didn't like when it rained or snowed. I rather have the nice warmer weather of the sun! 

Did you go out to eat with your fathers? Let me know in the comments! 
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Silent Sunday #57

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What's Been Taking Up My Time

It is no secret that I've been either present for a good 2-3 days here on my blog or just gone for an entire week. It's insane, I know. Believe me that not writing anything on my blog kills me just as much as wanting to write about something, without having to write about nothing. Does that even makes sense?

It isn't a surprise either that my absence might have something to do with the fact that I have a bunch of other things to maintain. I really don't know how others do it... having a full-time career, being a full-time mom/dad, and maintaining, regularly, a blog. I'm over here struggling with my part-time everything else. 

SCHOOL: Yes, even though it is summer, I decided to continue my studies into the summer session, in order to have a lighter course load for my last year doing my bachelors. However, although I am considered a part-time student for the summer, the speed of the classes require me to actually study and keep up with the readings like a regular full-time schedule. Things move quickly in summer school, so I need to do my best to keep up. 

WORK: I am still a part-timer at my retail job at Winners. It is fun to work, and then see my paycheck. But, lately, the hours are horrible. For example, this week my only scheduled shift is today from 9:30am -2:00pm... that's 4 hours and a half. Next week, I'm only scheduled to work on Saturday for 6 hours. I'm telling you, these hours aren't cutting it, and so I'm here jumping at the first chance I get whenever they need someone to come into work last minute, or if a friend is trying to give away a shift. 

JAY: I feel like if I list him on here, I'm complaining about him "taking up my time". To clear the air, he's not. Lately, I actually enjoy his company more than ever, so whenever there is a chance, when we are both available, to just hang out or chill, I jump at the chance at it. He's my best friend, and sometimes I just need to vent with him.

OTNB: The third season just came out a week ago, and although I started later than others, I finally just finished it. And needless to say, I am sad. I kinda wish there were more episodes to watch and waste my time over.. but, hey, the ending was very satisfying.

READING: I don't what came over me, but I somehow was able to finish 3 books in less than a week. This is way more "fun" reading I've done over the past couple of years, due to the amount of textbook readings I had for school. I'm currently reading Finding Alaska by John Green. It's definitely an interesting one, so you already know I won't put it down until it is done.

Besides those... I really can't think of any others. But, I'm sure by the time this post is posted (I scheduled it ahead of time because I'm busy), I'll probably end up having to add few more things that have been keeping me busy.
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I Switched Phone Companies + Went to the 'Droid Side

 Literally one week ago, I decided to make a big jump in my life.  Yes, I say this is a big jump, because to me this is a HUGE change.  Not only did I decided to switch out of my phone company and into another, I decided to also switch phone sides. So, I am no longer with Apple, and instead went to the Android Side. 

It all started when my iPhone 4s continuously gave me problems - it would act up, apps would constantly close on their own, or it was frozen. I took care of that phone for an almost 3 years, and after 1 drop (from not a high distance I should add..) my front screen cracks. Taking selfies was hard as the camera was no longer clear, and everything went down hill from there. 

Don't ask me how exactly, but just last week, when I distinctly remember putting my phone on a table, it somehow ended up in a bucket of water.  Like I said, I really don't know what happened. Any who, that phone just became useless. Because of the crack in the phone, water of course seeped through, causing discolouration on the screen, and not being able to hear anyone on the line when they called. It was just a no no. 

And because I was already contemplating leaving my phone company, which was way too expensive, I decided to overall just screw the iPhone and try something different. Hey, I might as well right? I'm already switching to a different company, might as well a different phone. 

Neisha's boyfriend, P., works at Wind (the phone company I switched to), and he was just really helpful. He helped me select a better phone, and as well set up the new account and plan I would be doing. So, as of last week, I decided to choose the $40.00 plan, which included unlimited texting, calling, and data; voicemail, pretty much everything! Which to me is amazing as my previous plan was $65.00 for unlimited texting and calling, but 1GB of data (which I seem to constantly go over).
In addition to this switch, I ditched the iPhone 4s and decided to get the Samsung S6 Edge. Oh boy, this phone is a beauty. If I was so tech savvy, I can pretty much do a separate post devoted to this phone. It is amazing, and I really cannot put it down. It really is like an iPhone.. but, to me, it functions so much better.  Like I said, if I was tech savvy, I probably could write a review devoted to the S6 edge, but I have not idea what I am talking about... 

But yeah. I was at first nervous about leaving the iPhone scene to enter the Android lifestyle; looking back, I really do not know why I was ever so worried. It's a well functioning phone, that seems to have a better battery lifespan. I love it, and it has everything I need. So no complaints from me!  
Although, as it is a fairly new phone with a curve design, I do wish someone would create a screen protector faster... as well as more phone case designs! So, I will defiantly be waiting for those.
P.S. This post is not sponsored by Wind Mobile company or Samsung. I was simply describing the switches that I recently did! 
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Weekend Getaway to Wasaga

This is kind of a late post, but that was because I was catching up on sleep.  But, this past weekend, Jay's childhood best friend, J, and his girlfriend, R, hosted a birthday party in Wasaga beach! I've never been to Wasaga beach before, and with all the hype they were giving off about Wasaga, Jay and I have been excited for weeks. 

The ride there wasn't too long, it was an hour and half for Jay and I. I personally think it was because we were smarter and planned to leave ahead of time before traffic hit. Unfortunately for the others, coming in 2 vans, their trip was around 3 hours as they decided to leave right when traffic was building up. As Jay said, "they should have listened to us." I think it also had something to do with the fact that it was raining like crazy on the way up there.. like, when it rains, people tend to drive slower.

If I can be frank about this, R's friends were not what I expected. In fact, the entire weekend was not as expected. Being the 2 odd people out of this group of friends who hangout on a regular basis, you can already feel the exclusion from the moment they arrived to the cottage we all rented. For most of the weekend, it was like this. The entire group, and then Jay and I putting more than required effort to be friendly with this group of people. 

It was hard. And, needless to say, it just drove Jay and I away from the group. In all honesty, it was just more fun for us to be together and do our own thing. They didn't mind, and we didn't either. Looking back, it kind of sucks because it probably would have been less of a boring trip if the others tried as hard as we did to get to know us, as we got to know about them. In fact... their group of was friends were just a boring bunch. They wanted to just sit and play beer pong (with literally the 4 people who wanted to play), and just chill... and do nothing. I, however, wanted to go out and see different things the city had to offer - like there is this big field you can do around 20 laps of go-karting... But no, they just wanted to stay in and smoke their cigarettes, and drink beer. Urg. #boring.

Also, in regards to R, she just surprised me, and I personally think this past weekend revealed her true colours. Something Jay and I will definitely keep in mind for future events. But, thats another story for a different post...

Other than the awkward social grouping, Wasaga was honestly beautiful and relaxing. Walking on the beach, watching the sunset, joy riding across the city, was a beautiful sight. I took a few pictures as Wasaga Beach is literally just the beach and houses.. nothing really much else to do (according to the group we were with who decided that it either the beach, or boardwalk, or at the cottage we would go and hangout). But, if you follow me on snapchat, you probably would have seen the 200 seconds of snaps I posted, which is probably more exciting than these photos! 

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