06 May 2015

The Long Nails are Back!

Yes! My long nails are back! 

The other day my sister decided she wanted to get her nails done. And, in the spare of the moment, I just couldn't resist! I've had acrylic nails done before, everything from a weird random design, to french tip. I've also had many different shapes, the most recent being the pointy claw look (click HERE to see that).

I know acrylic nails are bad for nails, well for mine anyway, but I still spent the $30 to get my nails done. Why? Well, it is summer, and I decided to treat myself!  Why not give the illusion that my nails can actually grow long without breaking, right?

I actually got my nails shorter than usual. Learning from my previous experience with acrylic nails, and learning just after 2 weeks you can instead refill them as opposed to taking them off, and getting them again, I decided to get my nails short. But, looking at my nails, I know they are not short. According to the nice lady who did them for me, these were short... so, I simply agreed while she continued the process. 

The picture actually makes the red of the nails much more lighter than they really are. I actually got the red colour called, relentless ruby from OPI. So, if you're looking for a seductive red, Relentless Ruby should be your first pick!

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  1. Love them!! I also just got my nails done a month ago after going on a hiatus of 6 months and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a fill tomorrow!! lol. I'm thinking a lilac color or white nails, eek!