14 May 2015

My Quirks Are Normal, Right?

Today, I'm going to share some of my quirks with you. By definition, a quirk is a behavioural habit YOU do that someone else might not. So, as I list some of the few things I consider normal to me that I know others might not do, please note I really don't know why I do this. It is something I've always done... and yea, I think its normal! 
  1. I always put on my right shoe first. I'm actually not sure why, I just noticed this is something I have to do whenever I put on my shoes. I tried putting my left shoe on first once, it felt so weird...
  2. I can't leave the house without showering. Even if I need to make a quick stop to the grocery store, or buy one item from Walmart, I shower. 
  3. I can't sleep at night if my favourite ring isn't on my dresser. I have this ring that I received as a gift, and I truly adore it. You find me wearing it pretty much on the daily. But, when I come home I usually place it on my dress.. there are days when I realize I don't remember where I placed the ring, and it actually drives me crazy, to the point where I won't sleep, if my ring isn't left on my dresser at night. 
  4. I enter rooms with my right foot first. I might think this brings me luck or something, but I've always done this since I was little. No matter what. 
  5. I can't focus if the shoes aren't aligned properly. When guests come over, I always find myself fixing the alignment of their shoes. I can't focus when I'm talking to a guest while another guest enters placing his/her shoes in an different arrangement.
  6. My cloths have to be hung by length, and by colour. I think this is a habit I've developed since working in retail... My cloths have to be hung in the order of shorts, skirts, t-shirts, sweaters, rompers, short dresses, maxi dresses, pant jumpers with jeans and jackets in the end. AND, they are colour coordinated from lightest to darkest... 
  7. I can't start studying when my room is a mess. When it is time to study, or write an important paper, I cannot seem to focus when there is a mess in my room. I will actually spend time cleaning my room. 
  8. I can't sleep if the door is open. My bedroom door must be shut... 
  9. When I'm at home, or in someone else's house, I always have to wear socks. Even if I came to your house in heels, I have socks in my purse ready to go.
  10. I won't ever use public bathroom. Nope, sorry. Don't care if a public bathroom is my only choice. Not only will I not use them, I will not even step in one. 
Please tell me I'm not alone and some of you actually do these to? We can be normal together!

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  1. Jenny Scott RussellMay 14, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    I'm the same with some of these, especially the studying when my room is untidy! I just can't... even trying to get to sleep is impossible if things aren't looking perfect haha x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. I JUST realized that I always put my right shoe on first too - I can't believe I've never noticed that. I used to be so afraid of the dark that I always slept with the door open too, so hallway light would come in, but now I can't sleep if the door isn't shut.

    I have to ask - when you travel what do you do when it comes to washrooms?!

  3. Yeah, I wonder if there is something behind putting on the right shoe first!

    Oh, when it comes to travelling, I usually don't hydrate myself as I should, so I hardly find myself ever needing to use to washroom. But,I do use the washroom back at family's house if I am staying there, or wait till I get back to the hotel!

  4. Yes!!! same with me, i'll take the time to clean things and put things back into their place, no matter how tired I am. I guess its like my mind is taunting me to fix it before I sleep lol

  5. Yes to bedroom doors, I never ever want to see into the hallway while sleeping way to creepy!