04 May 2015

May Edition: Monthly Wishes

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It is May already? I swear just yesterday it was the first day of April, and I was stressing over about starting to study for exams, and finishing all my papers that were due shortly. Now, it is May, I'm on summer vacation, and about to start my fourth year of university in summer school. I am loving the weather, and I cannot wait to get mad at the sun for darkening my skin, while I hang out int he sun without sun protection!

Any who, it is the beginning of May, and that means goal setting time. Hopefully these goals will help me accomplish what I need to complete or get done or wish to do during the month of May! 

Last Month's Wishes
Well, from the looks of it, it doesn't seem that I've actually posted down my goals for last month. But, looking at the weekly wishes post from last month, it was apparent that I wanted to hit the gym 4-5 times a week. Because I was off from school, I clearly didn't do it.. oops! My other goal was to blog more regularly. I think after my exams I was more successful with that goal. And, my other goal was to plan in general; which I definitely think was successful! 

This Month's Wishes
  1. Get a summer body. I learnt one of my friends will be celebrating her birthday next month at Wasaga beach. This means... I need to get my summer body (or at least a nice looking tummy) in one month. This month's exercise plan will solely focused on this in addition to others like my arms and booty.
  2. Blog more. Quality is better than quantity. SO, instead of the mindset of "blogging everyday", I rather have more post more meaningful posts that I genuinely enjoy writing. 
  3. Make and save money. I need to start making and saving money for the 2015-2016 year school year. The goal is to make, and actually save it. I'm notorious for spending the money I make... I think this summer I'm going to have to choose wisely on what I choose to spend my money on; especially if I do not want to increase my student loans. 
  4. Read a book. Last month I successful read one book. I know, not impressive. But, this month, hopefully before summer school starts, I'll be able to finish two books. 
  5. Kill summer school! I shouldn't have any excuses this summer. I am only taking one course during the first two months of summer school, and a different course in the last two months of summer school. So, really, I have one subject per semester. This gives me more time to study and put more of an effort into these courses, and hopefully come out with an A in each course. 
These are my goals for the month. If you made a post sharing your goals for the month of May, leave a link below in the comments, and I would love to hop over to your blog and leave you some encouragement!

Have a great Monday, xo
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