01 May 2015

FREEBIES: May 2015 Desktop and Phone Calendar

During my few days, well weeks, off from school, I've been making an effort to make my blog more up to date. That included changing most of my past post blog pictures, updating some of my tabs, and really just customizing most of my links. As I was going through some of my categories, I realized my "FREEBIES" tab was lacking. In fact, the last time I created a freebie was LAST May. 

So, because today is the first day of May, why not start it back up and share with you a Freebie May 2015 desktop?!

Downloading this background is easy. Simply right click on the image and select "save as", and save the image into a file of your choice. On your phone, you can simply save the image into your camera role, or even screen capture the image. Enjoy!
background image via
background image via
background image via
background image via
Note; If you're like me and have sticky notes and folders all over your desktop, you can use the phone calendars as desktop calendars. Take a look below to see an example!
This images aren't mine. Links linking back to original photos can be found under each desktop calendar. 
Note: The first image belongs to 55Laney69 and changes were made to the images - adding the text for the calendar portion, and brightening up the images. The background image was found HERE.

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