05 May 2015

Book Review: Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I found my way into the cutest used book store, and found myself buying my first "chick-lit" novel (post found HERE). At first, I was bit skeptical about what a chick-lit novel really was. But, the title, Then Came You attracted my attention.  You know how people say, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, you shouldn't with this book. 

At first the title, Then Came You, made me assume it would be a romantic type of novel where a girl had everything set in place for herself, until, unexpectedly, a man would waltz into her life and change everything - her perspective of life, her ideas, and habits, everything. But, that was not what this book was about. I should have realized that the moment I read the back of the book, which briefly introduced 3 of the 4 main characters that I was about to read about.
According to Good Reads:
The lives of four very different women intertwine in unexpected ways in this new novel by best selling author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes; Best Friends Forever). Each woman has a problem: Princeton senior Jules Wildgren needs money to help her dad cure his addiction; Pennsylvania housewife Annie Barrow is gasping to stay financially afloat; India Bishop yearns to have a child, an urge that her stepdaughter Bettina can only regard with deeply skepticism until she finds herself in a most unexpected situation. Interlocking dramas designed to ensnare; bound to be a bestseller.

Back of the novel:
Jules is a gifted college student - but at a personal cost. She has acquaintances instead of friends and a father battling addiction. When she discovers she can earn much needed money by donating her eggs, she believes she has finally found a way to save him.
Annie married her high school sweetheart and became a mother. After years of struggling to support her family she think she's found a way to recover a sense of purpose and bring some extra cash.
India has changed everything about herself and when she falls for a wealthy older man, Marcus, she decides a baby will ensure her happy-ever-after. But she must turn to Annie and Jules to help make her dream come true. 
Then each of their plans is thrown into disarray when Marcus' daughter, intent on protecting her father, becomes convinced that his new wide is not what she seems . . . 
My Thoughts
When I first opened the book, I was honestly surprised at how well the story gripped me into the pages. Although I was super busy that week, I did not want to put the book down. I found myself even bringing the book with me wherever I went. For example, when I knew I was suppose to pick up my sister from the GO Station, I found myself leaving at least 30 minutes earlier than usual so that I would have a 30 extra minute to read the book.

It was a real turn-pager in my opinion. Each chapter was based on the perspective of a different character. There were four women, all of whom were in different relatable stages of their lives. At first, I personally felt that I related to Jules because of the way she thinks. She usually likes to get away from her hectic campus life to be alone elsewhere. And, although she knew she was beautiful, she didn't really show too much of it. She would still dress in her sweat pants, wear her hair in a ponytail, and just wear a simple eyeliner-mascara look. What made me love her character much more was how much she really cared for her father; and what she was willing to do to help him. That is something I can most definitely relate to. Other than those attributes, I don't think we related in other situations.

Another character I found myself starting to relate to was surprising Annie. I think what realized I could basically be her, was when I read how she and her husband made love. The relationship between Annie and her husband, Frank, reminded me of the relationship between Jay and I - from the colours of skin, to his values and my wants. I found her character really related, which made me really start thinking more into my future.

The other two characters, India and Bettina, were complete opposites, both with lives I found interesting. Overall, all 4 characters were in different stages of their lives, and all connected in a way that resulted them meeting at the end - which I thought was very exciting!

Favourite Quotes:

"He's a fish. You're a big girl. Play him in easy, and remember: you're smarter than he is." - India

"You got a man?" he persisted.
"None of your business."
"Taking that as a no," he said cheerfully... - Bettina

My Rating:  4.5/5 
Overall, I found myself loving this book! Like I said, it was a real page turner, and was definitely interesting reading from the different perspectives of 4 completely different women, from different social and financial backgrounds. I loved the idea of the book, and I especially loved the characters. There is no doubt that Jennifer Weiner has a way with words, that makes reading fun, and easy!
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