22 April 2015

Tell Me Whats Wrong...

If Penelope could talk, she would tell me whats wrong. 

It's crazy how much of a connection I built with Penelope over the past year. Like I've mentioned time and time again, she's more than just a bunny to me, and definitely more than just another pet. She's soo much more friendlier than other bunnies I know, and she most obviously loves me more than anyone else in the family. 

Whenever my sister would hold Penelope in her arms, she would literally leap into my arms whenever I would pass by. She loves to lay on my bed, especially beside my pillow near my face whenever it is time for me to take a nap. She especially loves to lick my hands, arms, and sometimes legs, as if she was trying to groom me. So, I think it is safe to say she is definitely different from other rabbits. 

Recently, I've noticed she's been in a funk. Seeing her food and water bowl makes me worried. She has''t touched... for 2 days now. I also noticed the weight she's been losing. So, in an attempt to make sure she eats something, I tried to give her a carrot (her favourite), and she would just direct her head to another direction. I tried giving her a piece of celery.. that was successful, but after four bites, she was done. This was not like her. 

I'm leaving shortly to go to the vet to see what is wrong with her. I've done research, and from what I read on google, and blogs, I am scared and now more than ever in a rush to go see the vet. Online searches doesn't seem good, and quite honestly, I'm quite not ready for Penelope to leave me... its waaay too early. 

If Penelope could talk, she would tell me what's wrong so I can help her... or least give her what she wants to eat. 

Do you get sad whenever you know something is wrong with your pet? But, you have no idea what they want or need
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