28 April 2015

#tbt to Last April!

Remember the photo from above? It was actually a Silent Sunday photo I posted on my blog LAST YEAR. Since April has quickly come to its end, I thought it would be a fun idea to choose a photo from last April, and I guess explain it. Talk about whatever memories it brings.  Out of the four pictures I posted on the silent Sunday series in April, I chose this one. 

This photo brings back great memories. 

This photos reminds me of the time when my group of friends had almost all of our university classes together. It was just the 5 of us! Actually, thinking about it now, there was never a class where all 5 of us were together. I think the most would include 4 of us, and there was at least 1 class each of us weren't with when the rest of the group had a class. Complicated? Trust me I know. It became even more complicated as we all got mixed up about which classes we had with whom. 

Anyways, on a random day after on of our class, we decided to take an adventure around the campus. We've had heard about people taking a nature walk on campus, and we were on the hunt to find this trail. So as we walked from one side of the campus to the other, we found ourselves walking on a pathway that actually led its way to a side of the campus I never knew - the deans "house". I put house in quotations because it was as big as a mansion, but I had no idea what the dean really used that mansion for.. 

On our way down this path, we passed by the most beautiful mini pond and bridge. I've only seen a picture or few about this mystery bridge on instagram, and to see it up close was definitely different. For one, if you look back at the picture, the bridge over the pond, is actually so much more smaller than it really it! IF only I took a photo of me standing on it, you could probably see what I am talking about. 

As we continued our walk through the mini forest, we finally found the beginning of the nature walk trail we've heard so much about. Then, as we excited to start this nature walk trail, we looked at the time and realized 2 hours had past, and our next class was about to start. We hauled our butts out of this out of the trail, and was huffing and puffing as we were quick walking in the halls and into the class. 

It was a great day, and we actually decided to go back onto that trail. I don't know about them, but I still haven't gone. Maybe, no I will definitely go on this nature walk some time soon! Preferably before I graduate! 
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