15 April 2015

Taking A Break from Studying

I've been missing for... well, a while. I know.. I'm sowwy to those who actually keep up with my blog wondering where I've gone! 

It's April, and that means exams. And, I, with the luck that I have, ended up having the majority of my exams on the same week... To be more specific, the first week of exams... which has happened to be this week. So, not only am I swapped with catching up with textbook readings, making a condense study sheet to study from, I unfortunately haven't had time to write something blog worthy. 

Plus, sitting gone my laptop all day and night working on my notes really start to take a toll on my eyes, and I think I'm actually starting to find reasons to not be on my laptop.

Anyways, my sister came back from Hamilton yesterday to be at home with the family. Well, her real reason was that she almost done her meal plan at her school, and because her next exam is in a few days, she decided to come home to feast to our food until it is time for her to go back. 

But, the weather was just so beautiful yesterday. It was sunny, warm, breezy... it gave me a taste of summer and it really made me excited! So, to take a break from all our studying, we decided to take a walk around our neighbourhood, and went to a pond area nearby. It was just beautiful, and I decided to try to be artsy and take photos! 

Studying for exams is obviously a priority for me in order to ace my exams, but I think taking a break, and doing something productive for yourself can actually help you. Instead of going on Facebook for "5 minutes" which turns out to be an hour, why not use that hour to get exercise while enjoying the beautiful weather! 

p.s. I actually used my iPhone to take these photos. In particular, I used the VSCO app, and I am most definitely happy with how they turned out!
What do you do to relieve some of the stress of studying for exams!? 
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