03 April 2015

I Keep My Blog A Secret

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This may be weird for me to even say out loud, but I have a confession.... I keep my blog a secret. 

I'm not even kidding. If you follow me on both my instagrams, or both my twitters, or just one or the other, you're probably confused as two why I manage both accounts on almost all social media platforms. It is because I want to keep my personal life separate from my blog life. By that, I really mean, I want to keep my personal friends and family away from my blogging world.

It's weird, I know. But, I actually get embarrassed whenever someone comes up to me saying, "oh, I saw your blog!"... It just weirds me out. I guess it is because there are some personal things I blog about that I just don't want people in my personal life to know about. At the same time, I rather have other bloggers who don't know me, read about them... Maybe it is because you guys don't know me, and I'll feel less judged. 

It's weird. I KNOW! I'm having as much of a hard time explaining myself just as you are probably trying to understand my reasoning. 

But, one day, I'll probably feel comfortable telling my friends and family about my blog. I guess that will be the day when I actually feel comfortable knowing my friends and family will probably read about a side of me they've probably never met. 

Have you ever felt this way when you started blogging? Do you keep your blog a secret? 
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  1. It's not weird AT ALL. I kept my blog secret for 3+ years. The only reason it isn't a secret anymore is because 1) I accidentally shared my blog post on my personal Google+ account and 2) My friend stumbled across a pin from my blog. Ha. That's all it took. I used to blog about very personal things, which is why I kept my old blog a secret. I started this blog with the idea of eventually sharing it with my friends/family, so I kept it fairly PG. Haha. It's good. In all honestly, I don't know what I was worried about :) Some of my friends really love it and even created blogs of their own!

  2. I totally understand! Everyone knows about my blog (family & friends), but sometimes I wish that I had never told anyone. I feel limited on some things that I would like to talk about. Because mine isn't a secret I can't get too personal. I actually thought about starting a 2nd blog so that I could talk about other, more private things, that I feel people could relate to. I haven't gone down that road yet, but maybe one day! *erica*

  3. I keep my blog a secret, apart from the odd friend and family member of course! I guess to a lot of people blogging is weird and unusual so they take it as a big thing. Whenever it comes up in a conversation I always get asked 'how many followers do you have' 'do you get paid' and I honestly don't care about the numbers, it's my hobby! Especially in a school with thousands of students in, the worst thing ever would be for someone to come up to me and start talking about how they saw my blog the other night!

  4. And I thought it was just me! I thought it was weird wanting to keep my blog a secret. I guess I just wanted a place where I could express myself freely and without judgement, but then again this is the internet...