23 April 2015

An Update on Penelope

Penelope has never really gone to the vet before. The only other time was for her nails to get trimmed, as she is very stubborn and won't allow me to do them for her. Ahaha, so I would end up spending at least $20 a month for her nails. I know... there goes my budget for getting my nails done. 

Anyways, when we arrived there, Penelope was absolutely terrified. If you have me on snapchat, you would have probably saw a few videos. She didn't want to jump out of my arms, and she most definitely didn't want the nurses or doctor touching her. You always found her trying to hop back into my arms. 

The doctor told me Penelope's condition was in the serious side of the spectrum... I know, scary right? I tried my best to not show my emotions because at this point, I was just focused on getting her better. 

For those who found themselves on my blog searching up why you bunny isn't eating or drinking; you may want to see a vet immediately. It really could save his/her life. According to the veterinarian,  Penelope's food isn't being digested properly. This is most likely due to not having enough fibre in her diet, or having fur in her stomach since it is fur season. 

To me this makes sense. Penelope has been shedding a lot lately, might have something to do with the weather warming up. And, it is most likely when she licks herself, her fur is being swallowed and ending up in her stomach. And, because bunnies cannot throw up their hairball like cats can, the furl just end up staying in her stomach. 

To accommodate for this, freshly squeezed pineapple juice helps. It has something to do with an enzyme found in pineapple that will help break down the components in her stomach to digest the contents proper. So, I made Penelope pineapple juice, and in an attempt to give her 10mL a day, it is hard. She keeps resisting it, but this is for her own good, so I will be doing my best to give her the 10mL.

Also, she doesn't have enough fibre in her diet. Again, this makes sense. I notice she doesn't eat her Timothy hay, instead relies on her rabbit pellets. Fibre is just as important for rabbits as it is for us.. think of it like that. It will help with their digestive system. The veterinarian also mentioned that it is okay for Penelope to be eating veggie greens... it is better than eating nothing. And at the same time, I should try to give her papaya tablets which seems to help with digestive tracts. 

So, has Penelope been getting better? I believe so. Since we got home from the vet, she's been eating lettuce every hour or so, like I said, it is better than nothing. She hasn't been drinking water, but I think she the lettuce is somehow allowing her to pee. Then, she's been pooping again, small poos, but, she's pooing again. As of now, she is definitely active...

A Summary To Help Your Bunny:
  • PRIORITY: Get your bunny to get FIBRE. This included hay (i.e., Timothy Hay).
  • It is okay for your bunny to eat green veggies.
  • Give your bunny at least 10mL of freshly squeezed pineapple juice daily (not canned).
  • Give your bunny Papaya tablets (whether you have to crush it and feed her from your hand, or mixed it secretly in her food). They need it. 
Hopefully this will help you. Because, unfortunately, situations like this do not end up good for the bunny if you do not help them. 
... but, it is scary. The doctor did mention that her case is on the serious side which makes me sad. I'm not ready to say goodbye. 
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  1. I hope she gets even better, fingers crossed! She seems like a divine little bunny :) xx Maja
    - http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com/